901: Blubrry: Podcast Hosting, Statistics, Growth, and Monetization with Todd Cochrane

What prevents you from podcasting? When preparing for a show, people frequently forget to ask themselves, first and foremost, what is the goal? Some podcasters may already be working toward a goal but unaware of it. There are several factors to consider before you make a podcast. Creating content, identifying your target market, deciding how frequently to post, and many other things. 

Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Blubrry Podcasting. Todd wrote the book on podcasting called Podcasting - The Do It Yourself Guide. He has Blubrry Podcasting and its parent company Raw Voice, a full-service podcast hosting service. They aim to create a platform that will enable anyone who wants to start developing or growing a show to do so in a manner they believe to be correct and start creating a brand on your .com properly. In this episode, he talks about how you can start podcasting, building your show, brand, audience, and tribe, and what you can do as a podcaster to build traffic on your podcast.


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