912: Demand Generation and Growth Mode Marketing: Achieve Your Growth Goals and Crush Your Revenue Targets with Deanna Shimota

If you've never heard the term "B2B," you might be wondering what it means. B2B stands for business-to-business. It's a commercial environment and a complex ecosystem with several buyers, multiple touchpoints, and long sales cycles. To be successful, you must first understand your business, its distinctiveness, and its vision. What's better is if there is someone who can help you with your growth mission and practice demand generation. 

In this episode, we have Deanna Shimota, the CEO of GrowthMode Marketing. Her company blends the art and science of marketing to align with client goals and focus on achieving the results businesses need. They put their collective experience to bring clients a proprietary growth marketing model that helps customers build a sustainable foundation, an authentic presence, and a predictable pipeline for growth. In today’s episode, Deanna will share her knowledge about demand generation and business growth in B2B Marketing.


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