913: Kumospace: Build Stronger Culture, Collaboration, and Visibility In Remote And Hybrid Teams With Drew Moffitt

In the past two years, remote working has become a trend in workspaces. Various platforms like zoom have emerged to suit the needs of companies to connect with their employees and get the work done. But the problem is that a company's teams now have fewer and more difficult interactions with each other, causing collaborative projects challenging to do. With Kumospace, you can have a stronger culture, collaboration, and visibility within your team, especially those teams with many members. It offers various functions that cater to the team's needs with highly collaborative work, a game changer for remote or hybrid teams.

Drew Moffitt is one of the earliest employees at Kumospace. With his vast experience in marketing a business, specifically being a successful start-up entrepreneur, he helps Kumospace market its product and service. Kumospace is a platform that provides virtual offices and event spaces where remote and hybrid teams collaborate and connect. In this episode, Drew talks about his journey of being a start-up entrepreneur and the uniqueness of Kumospace, and how it can help teams have culture, collaboration, and visibility in a remote working environment.


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