921: Short Book Formula: Write a Book In 6 Weeks To Attract Ideal Clients Using The Ultimate Business Card with Paul McManus

It's an achievement and a big deal to write your first book. However, book writing is not simple. Writing a book requires a lot of commitment and perseverance. But have you considered writing a short book? It may be designed to be read in an hour or less, and you can use it as both a marketing tool and a sales tool. But what are some of the core strategies or principles that may help you in your book-writing process?

In this episode, our guest is Paul McManus, founder of More Clients More Fun LLC. It started out and continues to be heavily focused on using LinkedIn as a platform to help mostly financial professionals, build their brands, drive more leads, and create more qualified appointments. He's also the host of the Million Dollar Producer Show Podcast. Today, Paul will share about how you can become an author, why you should write short books, about Paul's amazing book, The short book formula, and the principles of writing a short book.


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