923: Pearmill Advertising: Growth, Creative, Conversion and Data with Nima Gardideh

Advertising aims to influence consumers to purchase goods. It serves as an informational and persuasive tool. The ability of a commercial to increase sales is the best indicator of its efficacy. Only when advertisements promise a benefit to the consumer can they increase sales. Every year, businesses spend enormous sums of money on advertising. Many of them really invest as much in their advertising as they do in revenue from their brands. Nonetheless, businesses should be dissatisfied with the return on their advertising investments. Less than a quarter of all advertising initiatives have any sustained impact on sales, and only around a third of all ads have a major immediate impact..

Nima Gardideh is the co-founder, president, and CTO of Pearmill. Pearmill is a tech-driven growth studio that fuses the power of artistic creativity with precise targeting across the most important digital channels. Today, he'll discuss the best way to conduct growth experiments. in addition to the guidelines for creating, planning, and developing creatives and landing pages.


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