925: Better Than Data: Turn Raw Data Into Actionable Storytelling with JJ Reynolds

How are you enhancing your sales and lead pages? One of the things you should look for to track your business is data. However, the reality is that most of the time, data is boring which makes it challenging for humans to look at. Effective data utilization, however, will have a significant impact on your company's success.

In this episode, we have invited JJ Reynolds from betterthandata.com. He has a very excellent YouTube channel as well called Better Than Data. JJ started his journey into digital marketing by running ads for content. And he created a small agency by quickly learning that most organizations didn't use numbers to guide decisions. Today, we’re going to talk about improving your sales and lead pages by looking at the numbers and knowing what to do next, using your analytics data, instead of just guessing and still leaving it to chance.


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