939: Inbox Army: Increase Your Profit Through Email Testing, Tracking, Marketing, and Automation with Chris Donald

Businesses have a marketing plan that serves as their way to connect with their clients or customers. Depending how it performs will affect the overall profits of the business. Thus, businesses have to put different marketing channels to ensure the continuous flow of people. If you wonder what is the most profitable marketing channel, worry not, as InboxArmy is there for you. Through email marketing, your profit will surely increase. 

Chris Donald is a professional in the field of email marketing and automation. He is also the CEO of InboxArmy, an Email Marketing Agency helping you with everything, from setting up campaigns, automation and creating templates to email deliverability. In this episode, Chris shares his email marketing and automation knowledge and skills. Chris also discusses why marketing through email is the most profitable channel and how it can help underperforming businesses.


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