941: MBX Making Business Connections: The Secrets to Prospecting, Networking, and Building Business Connections Mompreneur Blaney Teal

Making business connections is key to opening up new opportunities and growing your professional network. Networking events, conferences, and social media platforms can all provide ways to connect with like-minded individuals and potential partners. Building relationships through genuine conversations and offering value to others can help to establish trust and foster long-term relationships. Staying organized and following up with contacts can also help to solidify connections and increase the chances of future collaborations.

Blaney Teal is the founder of MBX, a premier networking organization, and a proud mom of two from Baltimore, Maryland, who has had a successful career as a "Mompreneur." She has, for over 25 years, been an inspiring and dynamic figure in the entrepreneurial industry, sharing her experiences and tips with anyone she meets. In this episode, Blaney will talk about networking as a means to open up opportunities and business ventures, the importance of following up after networking events, and virtual networking.


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