959: Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets, Storytelling, Speaking, and Emotional Intelligence with Alan Stein, Jr.

To be the best out of the rest. This is what leaders and players want to achieve. But what is the secret to performing your best at whatever you do? Many tend to skip the basics and fundamentals, thinking this is an unnecessary step. But in contrast, mastering the basics and fundamentals is the path to being a high performer or successful in life. So work consistently, and as you progress, don’t forget to go back in and do the basics.

Alan Stein, Jr. is a renowned performance coach and keynote speaker, helping organizations and business leaders towards their drive to success. He also spent over 15 years working with the highest-performing basketball players, such as Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Kobe Bryant. Tune in as Alan shares his knowledge and expertise about how to change people’s thinking through the power of storytelling, why mastering the basics is the way to be the best, and advice on how to increase our performance better.


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