958: Telzio: Phone Systems in the Cloud for Startups and Enterprises with Peter Schroeder

Are you having trouble managing your communication network? If so, then you have a problem. In a war, the side that has better communication has more advantages. Similarly, having a robust and modern communication network will allow your company to receive and relay information quicker to act in complicated scenarios immediately. But how can you have this kind of communication? Telzio is ready to assist you in having an easy-to-deploy, manage, and scale system.

Peter Schroeder, the founder, and CEO of Telzio, a phone service provider with modern telephone infrastructure and a user-friendly interface for easy deployment, managing, and scaling. He is also an award-winning DJ with multiple platinum and gold records. Keep your ears engaged and listen as Peter shares his experiences and expertise about balancing his personal life and career, what his company Telzio does to help transform communication, what being an entrepreneur is, and many more. Stay tuned!


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