970: Buyer Persona: The Best Practices to Get Qualified Leads, Increase Conversions and Grow Sales with Jim Kraus

In the complicated world of B2B sales, the key to ensuring your products or services meet your customers' exact wants is understanding their unique pain points, preferences, and decision-making processes. With this information, you can better match your marketing and sales strategies and build trust and credibility with possible clients. By addressing their specific concerns and making the buying process easy, you not only make it more likely that you'll close the deal, but you also make it more likely that pleased customers will become loyal brand advocates. This practical way of getting to know your B2B customers can help you make more money, keep more customers, and keep your business growing.

Jim Kraus is the President of Buyer Persona Institute, a division of KS&R, which was founded in 2010 to give B2B companies insight into what their prospective customers need to know and experience before they will buy. With three decades of experience managing high-performing market research teams on the client and supplier side, he's worked on hundreds of studies that directly inform marketing, sales, and product strategy, focusing on understanding buyer attitudes and behaviors. Jim's focus is championing the "voice of the buyer", particularly in helping clients improve the ROI of all their marketing and sales activities, including thought leadership, demand generation, lead nurturing, and sales plays. Today, Jim will talk about redefining the concept of buyer personas and how it differs from the traditional understanding, the importance of structuring buyer personas around specific buying decisions to inform and improve marketing and sales strategies, and ultimately helping listeners understand how these insights can influence their decision-making processes in marketing and sales.


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