969: Twibi Agency: Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO and AI Strategies with Brenton Thomas

Achieving marketing goals demands a multifaceted approach, and a good strategy often encompasses multiple tactics such as paid search, which enables instant visibility and precise targeting, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the right time. Paid social leverages the vast user base of social media platforms, allowing for engaging and highly targeted campaigns. Meanwhile, SEO forms the bedrock of your long-term online presence, organically elevating your brand's visibility in search results and cementing its authority in your industry. Using these strategies, businesses can unlock a powerful synergy that propels them toward their marketing goals.

Brenton Thomas is the founder of Twibi Agency, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon. With an unwavering passion for propelling businesses to new heights, Brenton has masterminded multiple highly successful digital marketing campaigns. Throughout his career, he's been instrumental in orchestrating revenue surges, amassing a total of over $20 million in generated income for numerous clients. Today, Brenton will talk about Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, AI, PPC, content marketing, and many other topics in the realm of digital marketing. Stay tuned!


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