981: Winning the Executive Interview: Build Your Career Through Professional Networking with Dr. Marcia Ballinger

Networking is not solely about quantity but quality. Having a few strong, trustworthy connections is better than having an extensive network of superficial contacts. Approach networking with authenticity, sincerity, and a genuine desire to build meaningful relationships rather than treating it as a transactional activity. Cultivating these connections over time can lead to enduring, mutually beneficial relationships that support your personal and professional growth.

Dr Marcia Ballinger is the Co-Founder and Principal of Ballinger|Leafblad, a national executive search firm located in St Paul, Minnesota. She specializes in executive job search, career planning, networking, interviewing, and nonprofit sector transitions, making her a sought-after writer and speaker. Her insights have benefited professionals seeking career advancement and transitioning into the nonprofit sector. Marcia has been recognized with numerous honors, including being named an Industry Leader by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, part of the "(Real) Power 50" by Minnesota Business Magazine, and a member of "50 Over 50" by AARP. Today, Marcia will talk about effective networking strategies and the importance of building meaningful professional relationships. Stay tuned!


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