Making Money in Bed: Ten Quick Pieces of Internet Marketing Advice from a Guy with a Broken Ankle

I broke my ankle in two places this past Saturday evening. I was dancing at a wedding and walked over a wet spot on an already shiny, slippery, coated cement floor. There was water (or maybe wine) spilled in a little spot that I didn't see, and I slipped and landed on it with all my weight.

The technical term is a "fibular and medial malleolar fracture" and they had to reset (or I guess "reconfigure") the bones (very painful) and I'll be hopping around on crutches for a few weeks and keeping it elevated in bed.

What I found interesting is that the orthopedist, emergency room doctor, nurse, etc. kept asking me... what do you do for a living? Is this going to affect your work? Luckily I've "worked" from home for 6 1/2 years and I'm glad I don't have to worry about that kind of thing.

In fact, the last couple of days have been hugely productive in my business. I've been making leaps and bounds in productivity, getting my upcoming "Website Remote" wordpress tool ready for our November 11 launch date, even from bed (currently "My Little Pony" sheets):


I'll give you ten quick reasons why you can run a business, even if you're bedridden and only have a few hours per day:

Lesson 1: The Best Productivity Tool at Home: Camtasia + GoToWebinar + Google Calendar

Many internet marketers consider themselves in "learning mode" which really means they're spending all their time studying (and doing a good job of it) but not implementing, but if they are implementing, they're just dabbling, taking action on the fun or small stuff, and not what's going to make them money. Or they can self-label as a "procrastinator" which is just a fancy way of feeling sorry for yourself.

The best thing I did in my online business (which I delayed for years) was recording video for products instead of writing them. You can whip up an easy $47 or $97 product in 1 to 3 hours -- do it all in one take and don't worry about the "umm's."

Don't nickel and dime yourself looking for "free" or "cheaper" alternatives. You'll end up piecing together lots of things that don't do what you want and wasting money and time on the wrong tools.

Use Camtasia (free trial) and a $30 Logitech ClearChat USB headset. Show whatever you need to show on your screen (PowerPoint, web browser, or software) to teach someone how to do something (edit video, trade in the stock market, soup up your race car).

Then, use GoToWebinar to meet and record each "module" of your course if you want to do it live (using Camtasia to save the video for sale later). Use GoToWebinar for a bonus Q&A session and even to pitch the course later. We give you a free GoToWebinar at and even if you were a cheapskate, you could knock all this out within 30 days and only have to make one payment.

Also use Google Calendar to show up on whatever webinar Q&A, product creation, pitch sessions, or even meetings. Use them to meet your deadlines, i.e. even just to create one 1-hour module each day for 4 days, whip up a 1-hour sales letter on the 5th day, and so on.

Lesson 2: The Best Productivity Tool Away from Home: iPad + LogMeIn + Evernote

What do you do if you're not at home? What have I been doing while laying in bed and still building my business?

It's simple. You don't need to drag the computer to bed or find a crappy iPad version for the apps you want to use for coding, word processing, and web page editing. Heck, you can get most things accomplished using a web browser...

But for many desktop tasks such as coding and web page editing, I prefer to use LogMeIn, which is a remote desktop program. Install the LogMeIn "control panel" on your desktop, and then you can remotely control it from your iPad. See your screen, click, drag, and type.

I use an iPad Air. You want to get the cellular version so you can connect even if you're not on Wifi (AT&T only costs me $29.99/month for this). A 64GB iPad Air 2 costs $729 and a 32GB iPad AIr 1 costs $579. Either price is more than worth it for the ability to use the internet anywhere without a bulky laptop or a tiny phone.

An important accessory is the Logitech Ultrathin iPad keyboard which is much better than Apple's iPad keyboard, although I don't use it as often as you think. I use it for typing blog posts and reports, but not for coding. The only trick to getting the keyboard is that you have to be very careful to get the right one for your iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc.) because all iPads are different sizes now.

I prefer remote desktop when I'm using the iPad because I can set something in motion (like processing a video), and then come back to it later. I can start typing a document, or edit a web page, and close the connection, then come back later and all my old windows are still open.

If I don't have the time or the connection to hop onto a remote desktop just to write a quick note, Evernote is good for jotting down "scraps."

Lesson 3: Your Goal is the Minimum Viable Product or "Version 1.0"

There's no point in having the fanciest tools (like iPads) or the best productivity strategies (like Four Daily Tasks, staying off Facebook and email) if it's not actually leading somewhere.

You should actually be excited about your business instead of just "going through the motions." (Imagine that.)

Can you make money from a course where the sales letter has typos and the paid product is 2 hours of video? Will fixing those typos or upping it to 3 hours double or triple your income? Probably not.

What will make you money is sending traffic to that COMPLETE system. Contact joint venture partners, buy some banner ads, mail youir list. You can't make one sale with something that's incomplete. You need a sales letter, download area, and payment button, even if it's "just good enough" to get you by for now.

Lesson 4: Have At Least 20 Buy Buttons or "Things" For Sale

I'm not saying you need to go crazy, but if you don't have 20 "things" you can buy, then you need to setup those 20 things over the next 12 months. I'm not saying you need 20 $997 courses.

But what if you bought from resale rights and setup a $27 package this coming Friday, including the download page, sales letter, and payment button? What if you setup an upsell for someone to buy coaching from you?

What if you whipped up your own $97 video series next week? Created a sales letter with your affiliate link, listing the exclusive bonuses you'll provide if someone buys through that link.

And once you find your "big hit" -- repeat the process and setup more membership sites, build the list bigger.

That way you can focus on helping your buyers and not just the freebie "tire kickers" who never buy and just complain.

We're just talking about setting up something that is complete. That could just be that you buy one, or a few private label rights products, and fiddle around until you're selling a pretty cool "package" that you can call your own.

Lesson 5: Make Consistent Progress Every Day

Have you noticed that I keep listing the same things, those things that actually make money, as opposed to bright shiny objects? List building, product creation, traffic, conversion tweaking, upsell funnels.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel from scratch or think of a new technique every time you want to make money. You also shouldn't be desperate for money at any point.

If you're pressed for time, then even putting in five focused minutes of setting up a web page and writing sales copy is more than most people (who aren't trying).

Lesson 6: Sell Both High and Low Ticket

I'm also tired of hearing of people thinking they need to pigeon-hole themselves into being "just" an affiliate marketer, just a product launcher, just a $7 buyer, just a $997 buyer. What a bunch of crap...

The only way to really know what's going to make you money is to put out (and update, and market) your products. See what sells the best, and repeat that. Usually, those things that you "think" will sell, will be your flops, and you'll be shocked at the products that take off.

For example, our Backup Creator plugin is protecting nearly 100,000 WordPress sites now, and I still don't know why it's such a popular product with us, but I don't need to know why, only that it IS popular, so I'll put more time and energy into it.

Lesson 7: Email Every Day

This is the worst kept secret in internet marketing, it's the technique I use when I want to increase my income, and it's something "timid" marketers are afraid to do.

There's nothing wrong with contacting your subscribers every day or several times per week. You don't need to "bombard" them with a new offer every day. It's actually better to continue a campaign (giving different reasons to click over and check out the same offer throughout the week).

Your subscribers are listening to other marketers, and they're playing on Facebook every day. So what's the difference if you dispense some free advice, send them to blog posts and podcasts, or short videos, and there happens to be a button to click or a link to buy at the bottom of the page?

Keep that list alive. If you don't email that list often enough, it will whittle down to nothing. Either schedule your upcoming email autoresponder messages 5 days at a time or spend 5 minutes every morning knocking it out.

Lesson 8: Have a Content Piggy Bank

Search engines like Google (plus social media neworks too, I guess) reward you for giving away lots and lots of free content. But they're going to punish you if you flood a bunch of stuff quickly and then neglect your blog for months or years.

Most marketers bite off more than they can chew when it comes to blogging. This means they blog daily for 30 days. Then there's nothing for a month. Then one post. Then nothing for two months. Then a single post. Then nothing for 6 months. Not good.

This is exactly why, for years, I only blogged (or podcasted) once per month, because I knew that was within my means. I had a pool of reserve content (some people call it a content piggy bank), that way I could schedule it all out, rearrange it later, and have posts and podcasts coming out even if I didn't know what to talk about that week or I "wasn't in the mood."

Have at least two podcast episodes or blog posts in-the-can. You don't want to be living paycheck-to-paycheck with your content.

Lesson 9: Focus On What Makes Money Sooner, Not Just What's Fastest, Easiest, or the Most "Fun"

It's fun to start and end projects. The first problem with that is that no project of ours is ever really "finished." So all you're left with is coming up with new ideas, registering new domain names, creating new graphics, writing "chapter 1" or making "video 1" of your new course.

You need absolute focus. You know what's the most fun? Making money. You don't need an office or business cards. You don't need to agonize over the perfect logo or color scheme for that next app of yours. Especially if thinking too much will delay you making money even for a few days.

You need better marketing which usually means better strategy, more traffic, making a better use out of your list, talking about the things your subscribers worry about (NOTE: worry about and not necessarily think about).

There's no reason for lazy marketing. Discounts are a "drug" that you'll hit for a big boost of income, but do it too much and you'll notice that without that discount, your sales will drop because you've now trained your customer to wait for the discount and punished them for paying full price. The solution: only use price discounts (even early bird pricing is a price discount) sparingly and use decent marketing (like mailing more often) instead.

Scarcity is a lesser "drug" that hurts your business just the same if you use it too much. You know what I'm talking about. Only 100 copies will be sold. This offer closes this coming Friday for two months. It's okay to use as one of the tricks to pull out of your marketing hat but it shouldn't be your entire business model.

Lesson 10: Beware of the $10,000 Per Month Comfort Zone

You need to treat your business like a real business. That means havng real deadlines. Would you be fired if you couldn't bring the good stuff in your business? Think about it.

Let's say you were hired as an internet company's copywriter. If your copy didn't bring in sales, maybe you'd split test, tweak the copy, or poll your list to figure out what to improve. If you were hired as a company's email marketer, and you went 2-3 weeks without sending a simple email to that list, wouldn't you be fired?

Years ago, I was told to write down my goals and I wrote down that I want a specific house (got it a year later), a specific car (bought it in cash a year later), and that I also wanted a $10,000 per month income, thinking that was all I ever needed.

There are a couple of problems with that. I'm not even going to get into how your expenses match your income unless you have a budget, you get slammed with taxes (even if you structure everything the way you should, you can only minimize them, not avoid them). =

The real problem with ramping your business up to $10k per month (which is really just 3 sales at $97 per day, or 2 coaching clients and 2 sales at $97 per day, or 1 coaching client plus one $97 per day plus your spouse's income, etc) and then stopping, is that you'll get comfortable.

Imagine if you stopped attending events, stopped with the joint ventures, shut off your traffic, didn't create any new products, stopped running webinars, didn't take any new risks...

You might be comfortable for 6, 12, maybe even 18 months. Your income might even "maintain" even if you didn't do anything new or build your list. The problem is when it starts to shrink. It might shrink slowly, you might play mindgames with yourself and try to say this is just a "phase" in your business, or that you're just having a couple of bad months...

But if your income is flat, you should be just as frightened as if it's taking a dip.

It's a slippery slope for your income to dip, then you lose interest in your business, then your income dips more, and you lose more interest... and the next thing you know, you're not interested in re-treading that old trail you went through a decade ago to get "back up to" $10,000 per month or higher.

Instead of going through all that, I would rather do the small things NOW to avoid a huge headache in the future, and that should be too. Like I said, that doesn't mean throwing out your websites for new ones, or becoming a workaholic, or anything like that. It means your #1 goal in your business is to make money, and then you can get excited about making more money, which in turn makes you even more money, so money becomes the "drug" or "high" that continues to move your online business forward.

Don't get comfortable with your income level, even if it's at some level about $10,000 a month. You should always want more, and you can get more just by doing something as simple as staying focused and making daily progress, even if it's just 5 minutes a day.

I'm still having lots of fun with my online business, even with a broken ankle, because it's still making me lots of money every day, and I hope yours does too. I also hope that our "Website Remote" plugin on November 11th (remote WordPress management tool) helps you make a lot of money, which equals lots of fun, which equals even more money in your online business.

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  1. Tim says:

    Ouch! I hope your up and about sooner than later. I blew a disc in my back now and 3 more getting ready to go. I am just trying to learn now how to market online without an income. It all so new to me but thats my story

  2. Hope you get better soon, Robert.

    Better a broken ankle than a broken attitude, I’d say. At least you certainly don’t have that problem.

    I’ve never had a broken bone, but I’ve heard it’s painful.

    Bravo to your increased productivity from bed!

  3. Ouch! Sorry for the pain – but I’ll bet you wish you had it on video! ????

    Yes I’ve had t recover from surgery several times. The business went o with few people realizing I was laid up. I tend to use lounging time in bed for brainstorming so lots of great ideas & plans came out of each recovery. I’m sure you’re dictating like mad!

    And remember to actually get some rest!

  4. John Black says:

    See my site to learn about a non-invasive technology that is FDA registered for promoting bone repair. The Dr. Oz video will fill you in.
    Call me for more info: 949-261-7352.
    Best of Health,
    John Black, C.M.T., C.R., B.T., EMF Consultant

  5. ebune ayenuwa says:

    Get well soon and quick recovery Robert.

  6. Philip says:

    Hey, were you dancing while lubricated? Ah, an old joke but I’ve been where you are and it’s no fun whether or not you can work from home. Get well soon and don’t push your recovery, it takes time to heal…

  7. Depending on your age we in US are all chemically toxic so malnourished. All should replace & maybe delete as many chemicals as possible. Most commercial vitamins are synthetic,artificial. Liquid or chelated needed. Have found alpha liquid minerals & vitamins fairly complete. The nutrients lost to all the chemical contamination in our country will take generations to repair if it is even possible. Narcotics needed for a bit after surgery & then natural anti-inflams please. I found cat’s claw 7 years ago which even handles nerve pain. Blessings for healing ck & which deals with joint health also.

    Angie Absten RN

  8. Steven Sanchez says:

    Robert, so sorry to hear you are off your feet. You are such a productive person, It’ll be amazing to watch how much more you get done when you can’t go anywhere! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  9. Daniel Luk says:

    Hello Mr. Plank,

    I am sorry for your injury! I can feel your pain because I also worked on my business with an injured back a few years ago. It was extremely painful and I needed to lie on bed for 3 weeks for it to heal slowly.

    In my opinion, if you are married or living with a partner, I think that having a caring partner makes all the difference in the world. A caring partner can lift you up, encourage you, and support you when you are hurt or failed. Therefore, my advice is to love your partner and family. Love will overcome the pain.

    Take care!

    Daniel Luk

  10. Sylvie Vivarais says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Yes, here’s some helpful advice, keep your foot elevated and keep an ice pack on it.

    To a fast recovery,


  11. Daniil says:

    I never broke a bone in my life, but I am suffering from a chronic condition that sometimes makes it hard to concentrate especially if I don’t get regular sleep, or sleep less then 8 hours each day….

    I remember when My Dad broke his hand, he couldn’t drive his truck for a little over 2 month. Normally, it takes about 12 to 16 weeks for things to get back to normal…
    What you need to speed things up is to consume more calcium…
    The best and healthy source of calcium is chicken egg’s shell…
    Don’t get them from the store… Go to someone who has chickens, and ask them for fresh live eggs (not frozen). Then you get to drink the raw egg if you want of course, it is good for you (many benefits), but if you don’t like it, you can fry them up…

    Take the shells, when you got enough of them… Boil them up in the water for 5 minutes. Make sure they are clean from the contents…
    Then dry them very well for a few hours, and then brake them into powder. This should be the best source of calcium that you can get anywhere, because it is not a chemical derivative like most vitamins are, it has many other minerals that will work together to restore your bone faster, and better… It is actually advised to do this twice a year for 2 to 3 weeks one tea spoon per day for a healthy individual to keep up the health of the bone, but since you have a broken bone, your body will use more of it, so you can take it longer then 3 weeks while you are healing. My grandmother and my dad when they broke their arm were taking it as long as it was needed for the bone to completely recover…

    I hope it helps, and of course staying busy with your business is a great idea, it will keep your mind of the pain just a little….

  12. Bri Gi says:

    Have an enjoyable and speedy recovery, Robert!…

  13. Roger says:

    Hey Robert,

    First off, I really do hope and wish you get better very soon.

    I’ve heard broken ankles are very painful although I don’t know. Never had one. I have sprained mine pretty badly a couple of times, and yes, that was painful.

    Working on my business with an injury… yes, I’ve done that. Unfortunately the work was physical and my back was screwed up. New biz, new town, new challenge, but I figured out a way.

    I know there’s no specific advice for your situation. Can’t give you any because I’ve never been in that one before, but I will send you only my very best thoughts and hope you make a full and complete recovery, quickly!

  14. OMG!! So glad you’re okay, Robert. Yep, I’ve been in a similar boat! The weekend after dropping my oldest at college, I tripped on my neighbors back steps (actually didn’t realize there was even a step there!) and broke my foot. Ouch!! Hubby was leaving for a 3 week biz trip in just a few days so it was me and the youngest (who was learning to drive) to figure out how to manage life with a broken foot.

    Boy was I thankful I worked from home. My office is upstairs, so had my son move what I needed downstairs. I worked at the dining room table or on the couch for about 3-4 weeks. It made a big difference to have a helper around to run and get the things I needed when I needed them – even a glass of water.

    Thankfully it was my left foot so I could still drive. I had to drive my son to his college classes and to work. The folks at my Starbucks were awesome as I needed to keep the foot elevated while I was working there as well.

    The downtime helped me focus and stop doing some of the less productive activities in my business.

    Feel better soon, Robert!

    Theresa 😎

  15. Rick Kirkham says:

    Healing prayers to you my friend. I’ve trained in martial arts with injuries. You just need to open your mind to different ways of doing things.

  16. Barry McKillip says:

    Sorry to hear about your ankle.I have never broken any bones,but I am on oxygen 24/7.

  17. Sidney Bostian says:

    Get well soon Robert!


  18. Philip Rees says:

    Keep on top of meds for pain and take rest and recovery time seriously so you can mend quicker. Thankfully your mind and attitude is not broken 😉 You so got this! Get well soon.

  19. Philip Gegan says:

    Hi Robert,

    Sorry to hear about your injury.

    I had calcific tendonitis in my right shoulder once, which meant I couldn’t even type anything for a week or so. Six months later I had it in my left shoulder, so at least it evened things up (lol).

    Here’s hoping you recover quickly and keep up the good work.

    Philip Gegan

  20. Ray says:

    Get Well Soon!

  21. Leila says:

    Oh Robert, so sorry to hear! I turned my ankle on Sept 22nd, tore a ligament and ruptured a tendon, so have been in a similar boat so to speak. Surgery is scheduled for Dec 1st because there’s only one ankle specialist in the state of AR lol. I keep my laptop near me on the bed,, & store it on the shelf at night.. just don’t put it on the floor beside the bed because you might step on it (and break the screen,, a very expensive lesson). Sending you healing thoughts. 🙂

  22. Chin up, Robert. A bit inconvenient, but the ankle will heal.

    I know a small physical mishap like this won’t slow your mind or business down.


  23. Jim Galiano says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident 🙁
    Hope you get well and feel better soon.
    I’ve worked from home for so long, I guess I take it for granted.

    I guess the best think I can suggest if you’re immobile is, stock up on your favorite foods, beverages and snacks. Do a HUGE shopping run with someone’s help (or have them do it for you). The worse thing is not being able to hop in the car and do a quick food run if you want something!

    Now’s a good time to call in favors with local friends and relatives. Tell them you’ll help them gets started online!


  24. Iris Bell says:

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Health problems of any type are just not fun. You might want to look into the natural remedy world for some options to help you heal faster. Certainly vitamin D3 and calcium, along with some bone building nutrients can’t hurt. But there are also some other types of natural remedies like homeopathic Symphytum officinale 6C or 30C (some studies suggest it helps manage acute pain, swelling, and healing bone injuries). There is more of a mixed research literature about homeopathic Arnica for any type of injury especially with bruising, but many people find it helps them bring down swelling faster. You can find those types of items at most health food stores or online.

    Heal fast! Iris

  25. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Robert, you probably are not going to believe this but you were the first internet marketer I started learning from and it all started with a foot injury as well.

    I’m not going to share the entire story here but I’ll give you the highlights, I was in Mazatlan, Mexico spending vacations with my family and girlfriend (now wife) and I got injured kicking a football which was part of a mechanic game.

    I kicked it barefooted and I did it so hard that I actually hit the metal parts inside of the ball and totally screwed my foot immediately after that.

    I couldn’t walk on my own for two months but here’s the cool part, I had an iPod Touch with me at the time and after reflexing a bit on what happened, I started wondering how would I earn my living if I actually couldn’t walk?

    I knew I was going to be able to walk again at some point but I could never get past that thought so that’s the very first time I actually typed “how to make money online?” into google search.

    After reading a ton of articles and getting overwhelmed and doubtful about plenty of programs that promised a ton of cool things but seemed too good to be true, I found an app for your blog and after reading your bio I got immediately hooked.

    There was this PHP guy (even though I’m not proficient at PHP and coding, I’m a systems engineer so that resonated a lot with me) who was making a decent living online and sharing a ton of information on how more people could do the same.

    And a few years later, I’m still around.

    Right now I have a full time job as an SEO Analyst and doing IM part time but I’m looking forward to get back to IM full time sometime soon (preparing for it).

    So thanks man, I know my name probably doesn’t ring a bell but I’m a true fan of your work online!


    PS. Hope you recover soon man! And for ideas… maybe you’ll have more time to play guitar now? 😉

  26. That sucks! So sorry man, hope the productivity keep up though!

  27. OUCH!!! Be sure to follow Doctor’s Orders regarding healing and rehab, and don’t push it too far too fast. With all the bones in your ankle, and how many different directions they have to move (and have the capacity to move) you really want to be careful.

    Swift, trouble-free and pain-free healing to you, Sir!

  28. Dave Gale says:

    Ooch, sorry to hear that!

    I dislocated my ankle 6 months ago playing football, I managed to pop it back in myself. But yeah very painful and still isn’t full strength now (6 months on).

    My advice is when you safely can – start moving it around asap. Look online and you will see exercises you can do to strenthen and regain balance etc.

    Hope that helps mate.

  29. darhil says:

    oops…, slipping on a dance floor always gives improbable results.
    Time will eventually clear all; even the ego injury
    Robert Courage,

  30. J. McFarland says:

    Robert, I have got to hand it to you…. you party like a rock star!

    I am quite certain you’ll be just fine, having trained yourself to accomplish all manner of tasks under the less than ideal circumstances present during business start-up.

    All I want to know: Did the newlyweds make it off on their honeymoon without incident?


  31. Ed Matechuk says:

    Hey Robert:

    I wish you a speedy recovery and now you have one for your memory bank
    which can last a life time. Watch out for wet floors.

    Best of luck,


  32. Brooks says:

    My office is at the same address as where I live. I don’t say that I work from home in my profession, because it could be construed that my services might be “inferior” to others who have professional offices. No one ever comes to my “office” so it really doesn’t matter. Having a professional office is just some people’s (old) perceptions. My location has saved me over $100,000 in rent, $10,000’s in fuel savings, 1,000’s of hours in commuting time.
    I did have an occasion where I was checking out the roofing job that was being done on my house, and the worker’s ladder collapsed under me and I got hurt enough that I couldn’t walk around. I managed to keep working, and basically none of my clients knew that I was hurting.
    I’m now working on re-inventing myself, to do strictly on-line marketing, so I will be able to travel and become even more independent.
    Thanks for all your awesome software and training. I especially like the detailed training that you and Lance to.

  33. Lawrence Mills says:

    Hi Robert,

    Wishing you a quick recovery.

    Take it easy, but you just proved that the mind can keep on being active and productive without the mobility.

    Good post by the way!

    Take care,

  34. John Barnes says:

    Luv those Bed Sheets! I looked at the picture first. And wondered. What do those sheets cost and what are they selling for on Amazon? Then I read your text. And see that you commented on that [the sheets] as well.

    I am afraid that your Dropship CEO was very successful and brought out the opportunity in every situation feeling. [Which is not at all bad].

    Very logical set of instructions in your post. Great attitude. Making the most out of a rotten [and painful] situation is admirable. Glad you can copy my approach!



  35. You can’t keep a good man down for long! So this amazing tome from your font of wisdom confirms you still qualify as ‘a good man’, My Little Pony &:all!

    Thanks for sharing both the practicalities & well- earned insights to recalibrate our business positioning.

    Do take time to heal properly so you won’t be limping to the bank when an old geezer!

  36. Irish says:

    Get well soon Robert 🙂

  37. Lou Siemens says:

    Hey Robert! So sorry to see you off your feet man. On the other hand, praise and glory to the magnificent common sense marketer in you… This is the best email/post I’ve read in the whole year! By a long stretch… And this is not to flatter you but to recognize myself that I’ve been perhaps neglectin a bit someone who can really give us the nuts an bolts of how to run my business in real life. 10 fundamental do’s and don’ts and there is all you need to run a successful, ever growing business.
    I just missed perhaps a tlwird or two about what to outsource of the colossal task list you propose.
    Get well my friend. We need you dancing again in not so slippery floor… Get well soon…
    Luciano Jimenez | Lou Siemens

  38. Gareth Thomas says:

    Robert…what are you like! LOL

    Very sorry to learn of your injury dude and send my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Not nice to have any injuries or ill health but at least you have the good fortune (from hard work) to have an online business.

    Take care mate.

    Gareth Thomas
    London, United Kingdom

  39. araxy says:

    Do Get Well Soon !
    You made lemonade out of lemons ? That’s an entrepreneur alright !
    You also gave me inspiration to think outside the box .

  40. Wow get well buddy, what did you do?

    Kick your neighbor for parking in your spot?


  41. Paul Stillman says:

    Yo Robert,
    HaPpY HeAliNg! You were supposed to dance and have a good time, not put yourself in bed so you could “sleep with the horses”. But you do have very cute posters on the wall as well (is this really your room??)- hey, whatever works for ya.
    “Golden Seal” herb in capsules is a good healing herb to take. It may speed up your healing process.

    Thanks for the 10 lessons – and enjoy getting better every day.

  42. Casey says:

    Wow broken in two places that is pretty hard to do. Amazing how you turned this into a sales letter good to know no grass grows under your feet. Is that your little girls bedroom your laying in? Or are you really just a little girl disguised as Robert? Get Well Soon…er.

  43. Linda Richardson says:

    Robert, Sounds like a painful break; looks like you have a cute place to heal. Take care, and watch your step. Linda

  44. Jeanne M says:

    Thanks for a very informative article that contains useful information. I have enjoyed all of your material since I joined your list a few weeks ago. It is refreshing to see “real” people in my email inbox for a change instead of the sell-sell-sell anything I can send an email on. Hope your recovery is speedy.

  45. Frank says:

    Robert, get better soon! (Even though it is probably annoying that this accident could have been avoided, at least you’ve made this “sacrifice” for one of your friends. I do find the decoration of your bedroom intriguing. 😉 )

  46. David Huner says:

    Robert, i wish you a speedy recovery. I just became a membership cube client. This is an awesome training course. I have been messing around with another WP sire using WLM…but it seems i still struggle on setting it up. You have opened doors for me as my niche is not typical. …it is late term colege planning…which by default is going to include personal development and behavior analysi for best fit careers… anyway… i trust forma speedy recovery for you

  47. Robert, I had a similar break. Terrible pain under the plaster cast after a couple of days. Doctor answered, “You broke your ankle. What did you expect?” A couple of more days of exhausting tear-streaming pain. Went back to the doctor. His tech removed the cast to check for skin damage. None. “Want to try an ‘air-cast’?” tech asked. “Yes, anything.” Amazing relief. All better in three weeks. Just sayin’ just in case. And thanks for the great “course” above.

  48. Bob Stovall says:

    Just caught up with this news. Sorry to hear about your broken ankle. Hope you feel better soon. This post was great. Keep up the good work. And say hi to my little pony.

  49. Cararta says:

    Hi Robert,

    Keep the foot up and get well soon!

    Great post. Must not be taking heavy duty pain pills.
    They always make me sleep. 🙂

  50. Bob Stovall says:

    Sheesh, it must be in the air. Just found out I have a stress fracture on my left foot. I have no idea how I did it.

  51. Jim Fortune says:

    Robert –

    Hang in there. Does it help any to tell you I broke my ankle once too?

    Two months in cast.

    All the best,


  52. Teresa Blaes says:

    Ouch, I’ve soooooo ben there, and broken a bone as well. I pray you get well, and yes, awesome content here. thanks for the reminder

  53. Mike Coleman says:

    I liked lesson #4 the best. With offline clients, and then some affiliate marketing commissions, and a few products I created, and then some Amazon FBA sales, it seems the best thing for me was to have a lot of avenues to draw in revenues in the early going.

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