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240: Web Design and SEO: Optimize Your Website Using Cutting Edge (and Common Sense) Tweaks and Factors with Jeremy Knauff

February 6, 2017

Jeremy Knauff from Spartan Media can help you with your goal setting, and to get more traffic to your website.


The low-hanging fruit is to use the Google PageSpeed tool to measure your site's speed (remove slow plugins), as well as the mobile friendly test (refine your tap targets and adjust images that are too big).

Next, optimize your site for what your users want, as well as their intent (for those customers who come to your site for a specific purpose, for example, to find a phone number or address).


239: Escape the Rat Race: Learn, Take Action, Achieve Success, and Scale Up with Mark Walker

February 3, 2017

Mark Walker from Luxmana Investments wants you to escape the rat race. He wanted to leave the corporate world and read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which led him to generating enough passive income from real estate flipping and investing to eventually quit his job.

In our discussion today, Mark talks about discipline, lifestyle, decision-making, priorities, procrastination, and inspiration.

238: Repurpose Your Career: Find a Career or Business That Fulfills You At Any Age or Skill Level with Marc Miller

February 2, 2017


Marc Miller from is a professional career changer for his clients. He's here to help you discover not only who you are, who you work best with (environment). For example, some people are "structured anarchists" and "stealth competitors."

Listen in and discover the difference between talents (things you do innately) and skills (things you learned). Speak authentically, develop your brand, find out how people see you, what's different about you, and where you fit best.


237: Money Answers: Setup Your Business Structure, Get Financing, Put Your Money to Work for You, Refinance Student Loans and Optimize Your Mortgage with Jordan Goodman

February 1, 2017


Jordan Goodman from has a number of financial solutions to not only setup your business structure correctly, but obtain business financing, optimize your mortgage, and more.


236: Get More Clients with Less Marketing, Overcome Burnout, and Develop Profitable Habits with with Mary Cravets

January 31, 2017


Mary Cravets from says that instead of drowning people in content, you should build your own path and breeze through the "what the hell" period.

Develop better habits, delegate sooner, narrow ideas, land your favorite clients, and become more productive.

235: Make Facebook Your ATM: Profit from Social Media Ads and Marketing with Sally Hendrick

January 30, 2017


STOP posting randomly on social media without a real strategy!

Sally Hendrick from and wants you to capture the right cross-section, split test your landing pages, market affiliate products, and make those sorts of small tweaks that get you results on Facebook.

234: Innovate, Systematize, Repurpose and Scale: Overcome Criticism, Find Simplicity and Be an Imperfect Superhero with O-Shot Creator Dr. Charles Runels

January 27, 2017

Dr. Charles Runels (phone number: 888-920-5311) is the inventor of the O-Shot, Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, and the Priapus Shot.


He's developed and trademarked a widely respected and medically documented procedure that uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve sex, treat injuries, heal Peyronie's disease, fix post-pregnancy incontinence, and more. Dr. Charles has gone from living in his car to running a 2 million dollar per year business by becoming excellent, modeling mentors, packaging, and repurposing. He's also learned many lessons about simplicity, authenticity, and hiring the right people. He also shares Stan Lee's secret about making superheroes real, that you can use in your marketing starting today.


233: Personality, Philsophy, and Passion: Differentiate in the Marketplace, Create Noise, and Take Meaningful Risks with Frank Gibson

January 26, 2017


Dr. Frank Gibson from wants to talk to you about personality, philosophy, and passion. He invented a solution to treat alcoholism called Sobrexa and started a huge movement on social media. Listen in as he discusses how he's changed the conversation and updated an industry for the first time in decades.

232: Mantra Leadership and Mantra Design: Innovate, Buy, or Die with Dana Oliver

January 25, 2017

Who wants to work for a jerk? No one, that's who! Dana Oliver from has a lot of "best practices" for start-up communities and entrepreneurs to get along with others and manage others effectively. Pay attention to peoples' needs, identify what they want, and trust them.


He also has a concept called Mantra Design, where simple beats better. You should get onto the peer level with your customers to discover their unmet needs and long-term pain. Run your product by 12 to 20 people to tease out the 75% to 90% of features (and hot buttons) to focus on.


231: Create a Freelance Income from Scratch and Live Life on Your Own Terms from Fiverr Voiceover Artist, Fiverr Ambassador, and Host of the Fiverrcast Redd Horrocks

January 24, 2017


Redd Horrocks from was a voice actor for 13-14 years and discovered Fiverr as a way to do what she loves while living anywhere and setting her own hours. She has over 13,000 reviews from satisfied customers, has completed 27,000 jobs on Fiverr, plus 3,000 on other sites -- generating a six figure freelancing income from just 4 hours a day on weekdays and 1 hour per day on weekends.

Listen in as Redd explains how she's streamlined her process with a personal assistant, how she markets her Fiverr business with buyer requests (as well as over-delivering since you never know if "your next client will become your best client"), and how she's simplified her pricing structure to generate tons of extra sales.


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