231: Create a Freelance Income from Scratch and Live Life on Your Own Terms from Fiverr Voiceover Artist, Fiverr Ambassador, and Host of the Fiverrcast Redd Horrocks


Redd Horrocks from InstantVoicemails.com was a voice actor for 13-14 years and discovered Fiverr as a way to do what she loves while living anywhere and setting her own hours. She has over 13,000 reviews from satisfied customers, has completed 27,000 jobs on Fiverr, plus 3,000 on other sites -- generating a six figure freelancing income from just 4 hours a day on weekdays and 1 hour per day on weekends.

Listen in as Redd explains how she's streamlined her process with a personal assistant, how she markets her Fiverr business with buyer requests (as well as over-delivering since you never know if "your next client will become your best client"), and how she's simplified her pricing structure to generate tons of extra sales.


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