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633: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value: Content Marketing, Automation, Mobile, Social Media and E-Commerce with Your Marketing Superhero Jeffrey Traister

April 26, 2019

Jeff Traister, Your Marketing Superhero, provides digital direct response marketing services, strategy, persuasive copywriting, marketing automation consulting, social media marketing management, WordPress web design and content plus video post-production to companies & industries worldwide.

Five Trends with Digital Marketing

  1. content marketing: nurturing leads and prospects into customers
  2. marketing automation: conversion, retention, CRM's, e-commerce
  3. mobile marketing: landing pages, texting
  4. social media marketing: interacting with leads to start selling
  5. e-commerce: B2B & manufacturers

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • lead generation (opt-in, free report)
  • sales conversion (persuade with a sales letter)
  • trust building (whitepaper, success stories)
  • retention campaign (get established clients to buy more)
  • upsells and downsells (cart abandonment, lesser-quantity offers)

Jeff Traister develops direct response marketing strategies for start-up ventures, new product launches and market share expansion. These strategies involve digital media, automation and ecommerce.


485: Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Indoctrination, Engagement, Awareness, Traffic and Conversions with Dustin Lien

January 26, 2018

Dustin Lien is the founder of Jump Influence where he teaches courses on email marketing to entrepreneurs, and he's also the host of The Unleashed Life Podcast. He has massive ambition to empower and equip new leaders to make disruptive, positive impacts on the world, one person at a time.

Free Online Class: Grow Your Email List Like a Boss

479: The Hustle: How to Stay Current, Stand Out from the Crowd, and Achieve Massive Business Success with Sam Parr

January 17, 2018

Sam Parr is the co-founder and CEO of The Hustle, a daily email newsletter that gives 500,000+ people the business news and information they need to start their day. Sam explains how The Hustle was started, what it does, his strategy and how he differentiates himself and his company in the marketplace.

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334: Entertain, Educate, Elevate: Build Customer Relationships, Keep Your Business Simple, and Send Daily Emails with Ben Settle

June 16, 2017

Ben Settle is the world's leading email copywriter and he wants to show you how to double your sales with email. Ben's goal is to build a relationship with an email subscriber by talking about problems (the product comes later). Vision drives decision. He speaks to his readers as if he's speaking 1-on-1 to entertain, educate, and elevate. Listen in to discover how you too can up your game with email marketing.


Why Are You Emailing Me On Christmas?

December 25, 2016

"Why are you emailing me on a weekend / holiday?"

That's the response I get every now and then and I hope that's a response you get in your business -- why is that I hope you get it?

Because if people are unsubscribing from your list, if you have (a small percentage) of refunds, if (a few) people have some nasty things to say about you and your values...

Then it means you've actually done some things in your business and you've built a big list of buyers...

Very few people treat their online business like the machine that it can be and should be and it's some wasted potential.

For example: what if you spent about 20 minutes and grabbed 12 interesting YouTube videos? Maybe yours or maybe you found them... either way... schedule one in your blog for the first Friday in January 2017, another for February 2017, etc.

Those are 12 touches you've just made with you and your subscribers...

And how about this: go into your email autoresponder (you do have one and you are building a list, right?) and schedule a message for that Saturday sending people to your blog post, and maybe even a quick Sunday one reminding them to check it out if they missed it.

If you have a product or membership site for sale, or heck, even a 2.99 Kindle book... I'm guessing that you haven't promoted it for a solid 5 days in a row lately!

Look at the second week in January. Think of four pretty good reasons or interesting things about your Kindle book. Schedule a quick email for Monday with a subject line and about 5 sentences saying... you probably have this problem... here's the solution and it's in my book...

Tuesday... you might have problem #2 and here's solution #2 and the details of that solution are also in my book... repeat for Wednesday and Thursday...

On Friday, don't worry about piling on even more information... just say... I've been giving you these solutions all week, it's shit or get off the pot time, here's my book.

That right there is a whole week you can take off your business in 2017 and no one will ever have to know. Come back and see how many sales you brought in...

Very few people take advantage of scheduled emails and they're available in every email autoresponder service. Schedule some emails to help fill out the calendar and keep "touching" those customers (but not in a weird way)...

You can get content cranked out easily (I have a system for writing blog posts called R.A.T.G.U.M. and one for email marketing called P.A.I.N.T.) if you follow some sort of a template or system... and then let the machine (that autoresponder sending emails on a schedule) do the rest...

And there's even better news: every autoresponder also has a "sent" folder... so... you can take the greatest hits of your email marketing and pile them into a follow-up sequence so that any new subscriber to your list gets your best stuff...

I happen to think that MY best stuff is contained inside this course:

Time Management on Crack

More than a few people have told me that this is the guide they re-visit every year when they want to refresh and renew the important marketing stuff. I hope that's not too braggy and I also want you to check it out as soon as you see this, even though it's hoilday time.

(The holidays are great time for me to go through a course, read some stuff, or watch some videos so that I get a little bit of a break from all the "usual" stuff.)

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