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638: Get a Website That Converts: Implement a Martial Arts Mindset into Your Business to Create a Powerful Marketing Message, Manage Stress and Become Your Greatest Self with Dr. Joe Schaefer

May 9, 2019

Dr. Joe Schaefer is a digital marketing expert with an incredibly diverse background. In addition to owning a digital marketing agency for over 11 years and working personally with hundreds of business clients, he has a PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of Texas. So his clients often call him Doctor Joe, but hundreds other people call him Master Joe as he is also a 7th degree black belt in kung Fu and operates a school of 300+ students in Austin. He has has trained and taught for over 30 years. He brings these various disciplines together into every strategy and tactic he uses to take his business clients to their next level in web marketing.


562: Be Consistent: Branding, Work Ethic, Organization, and Management with WordPress Website Designer Colleen Keith

June 29, 2018

Colleen Keith is a Graphic Designer and WordPress Stylist that offers reliable and versatile creative design services to entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. Truly believing that you must be the change you want to see, she only works with and supports clients that are making a positive change in society and the world. While now based in Germany, she's originally from Vancouver and started her business in Sydney, Australia.

Colleen tells us what we need to know about WordPress, especially how to make a website look great by starting with the "demo" in any theme. She also explains how to hire the right person to create your website, how to manage expectations, stay productive, focused, and on-track with our goals.


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407: Generate Leads, Drive Sales, and Grow Your Social Outreach Using Interactive Quizzes with Josh Haynam

September 27, 2017

Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Home Depot, and Forbes. He's probably seen more quizzes than any other human on earth right now.

We speak today about why you need quizzes to get traffic to your site, best practices, as well as do's and dont's for your own interactive quizzes. Josh's tool has 175 pre-existing templates to choose from, sorted by conversion rate, so you can begin engaging with your visitors in this new way, starting today.

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357: Buy and Grow Online Properties with the Website Investor with Jeff Hunt

July 19, 2017

Jeff Hunt, The Website Investor, makes his living online buying and growing online businesses. He has purchased over 300 income producing websites since his first buy 10 years ago. Jeff is the author of "The Website Investor", a guide to building passive income buying revenue generating websites.

In our episode today, Jeff details his early failures with buying and holding websites, what went right and what went wrong, as well as the system he's developed since then to hit the ground running by buying money-making websites.


349: Build a Messy Beast of an Online Business That Focuses on Traffic, Lead Capture, and Offers

July 7, 2017

Let's talk about creating your online funnel (opt-in page, follow-up sequence, sales letter, download page, membership site, blog, traffic, and more) by dumbing things down and keeping them simple...

  • Ugly websites sell better: what matters most is that visitors do what you want them to do on your web page
  • Absorb your competitors (they absorb you back, arms race)
  • Strengthen Your Content Muscle: get ahead of this month in the calendar

We also cover one of my best secrets: daily marketing emails... and:

  • Is it possible to email too much? (how to send those emails every day)
  • Why the "exclusion list" balances things out so your buyers aren't "bombarded"
  • How to provide value and use the restaurant mentality
  • Why it's okay to be overloaded (and it's okay to stay in constant contact with your list)

If you'd like to see how to setup that funnel, join our course:

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Paper Template: Push the Right Button, Don’t Get Bogged Down with Design and Ditch the Copywriter to Create a Website Fast

March 5, 2017

This might make you angry... I know that it did for me back when I realized that:

I'd spent literally years unsure about how to make a sales page and opt-in page... I was scared that my website would "look stupid" with an ugly design and some of those weird cheesy "headlines" and "sales messages"... copywriting...

But can I tell you what happened next?

This was before I created Paper Template. I hired someone to create a "mini-site" design for me... about 300 bucks... I had to wait a couple of weeks... it came back, and I didn't discover until years later that the plain "white piece of paper" design (Amazon uses a plain white background, Google uses a plain white background, eBay) out-coverted the "pretty" looking website... by a long shot...

The only thing I can figure is that visitors were pulled in MORE by the words on the screen than the "beautiful" design, huge logo and everything...

And then... I paid a copywriter 400 dollars (an inexpensive one, this is a person who writes the persuasive text on the web page) and had to wait two more weeks for that...

Let me tell you what happened with the copywriter. They had me fill in a 12 page questionnaire. It took me a couple of days to complete, actually. And then, the copywriter only made MINOR tweaks to the text I had entered.

It was largely a copy and paste job. To give you an idea, one part of the questionnaire asked me to list the names of all 17 videos contained in my product. The copywriter chose to only list the 9 most exciting videos and then said... plus 12 more videos for a total of 17 videos!

I don't regret paying the copywriter or the graphic designer because I wouldn't have finish the sales page anyway... but as they say... here's what I paid for:

Pushing button: $1
Knowing which button to push: $399

Now, you yourself might have paid thousands of dollars for a website design, and maybe thousands more for a copywriter...

And I don't think copywriters are bad... but...

Can I give you a free copywriter? (in plugin form?)

It's called Paper Template.

And it not only creates your landing pages for you (opt-in pages, sales letters, download pages, webinar replay pages, etc.) but it also:

  • allows you to do it independent of your website's theme (let Paper Template run your whole site or create a landing page in addition to your blog)
  • has a number of designs (including that tried and tested plain white one that converts) so you can have a website where people focus on the WORDS and not just how beautiful your design is
  • has a ton of pre-built pages with the EXACT words and phrases you need to use... just customize to make it your own or delete what you won't use (it's easier to edit crap than air)
  • has a bunch of pre-written headlines and bullet points built right into the plugin... just click, click, click your way to a profit-pulling web page

Check out Paper Template and discover how you can get it for 7 dollars (the quick and easy version) or 47 dollars which includes mobile responsiveness, templates, swipe file, and so much more.

Waiting Years And Years For “Them” To Add A Contact Form?

December 27, 2016

The good news is that 2016 (and 2017) is the best possible time to setup your web pages because it's easier than ever... and web pages have never looked better than ever!

You used to have to learn HTML, CSS, uploading FTP files, maybe even a little scripting and then you'd have to test things with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers until you had it right...

Now, many things are point and click, such as with Paper Template.
(click to see a quick video demo)

  • WordPress (click a button and you have a blog)
  • Paper Template plugin (install and now you can create sales letters and landing pages within WordPress)
  • add any other plugins you want to add a contact form, legal pages, pop-ups, caching, security, SEO...

So, it's a great way to get started fast and do all the things you want... BUT...

I honestly don't believe that the "hosted platforms" are really up to snuff. If you use some sort of hosted service that runs it all for you:

  1. you are now tied to their business (if their sites are down for 2 hours, your site is down for 2 hours)
  2. they don't do everything (maybe they're missing an autoresponder)
  3. you have to take a bunch of extra steps anyway to host your own .com domain and make it look like it runs on your own websites (sometimes you have to install your own WordPress blog, and their WordPress plugin on your site, just to run their service... weird)
  4. they might not do all the cool stuff that you want. For example, with WordPress you can just grab a quiz plugin if you want that. Grab a contact form plugin if you want that. On a hosted service, you have to wait for them to "get around to it"...

I honestly believe this is the best of both worlds... easy to setup, uses WordPress, create landing pages in addition to your blog or let it take over your site... and then add plugins or tweaks as you wish. The Paper Template WordPress plugin lets you have your cake and eat it too.

195: Rock, Paper, Simple: Create a Marketing-Focused Website in Seven Easy Steps with Joshua Adams

December 5, 2016


Joshua Adams from Rock Paper Simple wants his agency to help you create a marketing-focused website that's them-centric, with clear navigation, that speaks directly to visitors and makes conversions. Be sure to claim his free self audit worksheet to find out how your website measures up.


Seven steps to creating a marketing-focused website:

1. Shut up and listen (know thyself, benefits, goals)
2. Plan for results (design, words, pages)
3. Direct traffic (differentiate value of pages, decide on three most important services, call-to-action on homepage/sidebar)
4. Them-centric copy (wording that's beneficial to them)
5. Convert (phone number, working form, less fields)
6. Simplify navigation
7. Rock the visuals


192: Create Fearlessly: Get a High Converting Website for Your Business with Stephen Christopher

November 30, 2016


Stephen Christopher from wants to help you with your organic search results, pay per click advertising, and web design.

Choose the top one to three objectives for your website: that's usually for your hot, warm, and cold leads. For example, your hottest prospects who want to buy right now could be looking for a phone number, the warm leads might fill out a contact form to request service, and the cold leads might only want to signup for a video or short report.

Don't take anything for granted, be super persistent (failure leads to perspective). Change the "bad" things about your business.

Resources: Seequs SEO agency, Business Revolution Podcast, Business Revolution Facebook Group

Case studies: Petri Plumbing and Hal Elrod

126: Courses, Webinars and Funnels: Attract Customers and Clients with Brian Lofrumento

August 30, 2016


Brian Lofrumento, creator of The Ultimate Profit Model, tells us about his online system to not only develop an idea into an information product (or coaching program) that serves a hungry and specific crowd, he also explains his webinar model (shatter existing beliefs and rebuild them) as well as how he fills up his webinars with attendees using Facebook ads.

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