Paper Template: Push the Right Button, Don’t Get Bogged Down with Design and Ditch the Copywriter to Create a Website Fast

This might make you angry... I know that it did for me back when I realized that:

I'd spent literally years unsure about how to make a sales page and opt-in page... I was scared that my website would "look stupid" with an ugly design and some of those weird cheesy "headlines" and "sales messages"... copywriting...

But can I tell you what happened next?

This was before I created Paper Template. I hired someone to create a "mini-site" design for me... about 300 bucks... I had to wait a couple of weeks... it came back, and I didn't discover until years later that the plain "white piece of paper" design (Amazon uses a plain white background, Google uses a plain white background, eBay) out-coverted the "pretty" looking website... by a long shot...

The only thing I can figure is that visitors were pulled in MORE by the words on the screen than the "beautiful" design, huge logo and everything...

And then... I paid a copywriter 400 dollars (an inexpensive one, this is a person who writes the persuasive text on the web page) and had to wait two more weeks for that...

Let me tell you what happened with the copywriter. They had me fill in a 12 page questionnaire. It took me a couple of days to complete, actually. And then, the copywriter only made MINOR tweaks to the text I had entered.

It was largely a copy and paste job. To give you an idea, one part of the questionnaire asked me to list the names of all 17 videos contained in my product. The copywriter chose to only list the 9 most exciting videos and then said... plus 12 more videos for a total of 17 videos!

I don't regret paying the copywriter or the graphic designer because I wouldn't have finish the sales page anyway... but as they say... here's what I paid for:

Pushing button: $1
Knowing which button to push: $399

Now, you yourself might have paid thousands of dollars for a website design, and maybe thousands more for a copywriter...

And I don't think copywriters are bad... but...

Can I give you a free copywriter? (in plugin form?)

It's called Paper Template.

And it not only creates your landing pages for you (opt-in pages, sales letters, download pages, webinar replay pages, etc.) but it also:

  • allows you to do it independent of your website's theme (let Paper Template run your whole site or create a landing page in addition to your blog)
  • has a number of designs (including that tried and tested plain white one that converts) so you can have a website where people focus on the WORDS and not just how beautiful your design is
  • has a ton of pre-built pages with the EXACT words and phrases you need to use... just customize to make it your own or delete what you won't use (it's easier to edit crap than air)
  • has a bunch of pre-written headlines and bullet points built right into the plugin... just click, click, click your way to a profit-pulling web page

Check out Paper Template and discover how you can get it for 7 dollars (the quick and easy version) or 47 dollars which includes mobile responsiveness, templates, swipe file, and so much more.

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