349: Build a Messy Beast of an Online Business That Focuses on Traffic, Lead Capture, and Offers

Let's talk about creating your online funnel (opt-in page, follow-up sequence, sales letter, download page, membership site, blog, traffic, and more) by dumbing things down and keeping them simple...

  • Ugly websites sell better: what matters most is that visitors do what you want them to do on your web page
  • Absorb your competitors (they absorb you back, arms race)
  • Strengthen Your Content Muscle: get ahead of this month in the calendar

We also cover one of my best secrets: daily marketing emails... and:

  • Is it possible to email too much? (how to send those emails every day)
  • Why the "exclusion list" balances things out so your buyers aren't "bombarded"
  • How to provide value and use the restaurant mentality
  • Why it's okay to be overloaded (and it's okay to stay in constant contact with your list)

If you'd like to see how to setup that funnel, join our course:

Join the Income Machine Online Course

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