Testing the Wrong Thing: How Often to Send Emails? (And Other Dangerous Ideas)

What do you think would happen if you spent all your time...

  • Trying to come up with the perfect product name?
  • Trying to figure out what's the best time of day to send out emails?
  • Trying to find the perfect price?
  • Trying to decide if your product should have 4 modules, 8 modules, 100 pages, 5 hours, 10 hours?
  • Trying to add more content to that product before it was launched?
  • Trying to decide if you should send 1 email per day, 1 email per week, or 1 email per month?

I hate to be a broken record for the last decade, but this is how you make money on the internet...

  1. Find that overlap between: a real need people are having (and are willing to pay money for), and the perfect solution you can provide using your skillset
  2. Cut up that solution into four "parts" or modules, making sure people get real tangible results from module #1 that erases the entire cost of the course and that modules 2, 3, and 4 build on top of that
  3. Record a 1-hour video for each module, making sure to give them a goal or result after each lesson
  4. Put those inside a membership site, create a payment button so people have to pay at LEAST $97 for access, add that button to a blank web page
  5. Create a sales letter above that payment button,

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