005: Write an Article in 6 Minutes

Topics covered in today's episode...

  • How to make a lot of money on automatic pilot by publishing digital e-books and letting your information products bring in traffic and sales for you
  • Re-write your brain to justify your prices, and charge what you're worth!
  • The easiest way to get links (backlinks) to your site
  • How to get into the article writing mindset so you'll actually have fun creating content
  • Why "conventional" article marketing hasn't worked for years (and what to do about it)
  • The exact formula I use to create articles in 6 minutes and some as fast as 90 seconds

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  1. Dane Morgan says:

    Nice Show. I have to say though, I think I’d rather do the 500 articles and kick back the other six hours.

  2. Ian Murdoch says:

    Thanks Robert. Another great show.

    The production of content in whichever form is one of the most valuable skills an online entrepreneur can develope. Writing articles is the beginning point of so many more digital (and off line) products – ebooks, MP3’s, video, web pages, etc all can start out as articles.


  3. Thank you for the valuable tips, Robert. I learned a lot!

  4. Mk Akan says:

    I almost did not listen to this podcast…because i thought..”how to write an article in six minutes “…okay …that should be just to speak and record an audio then transcribe it.

    well, i was wrong…

    i have not only learnt about article writing , i have also learn some very important things like ***product creation*** ,where to get article ideas , what type of articles to write…

    Personally , your tips on product creation is KILLER.

    This podcast is very rich…

    Even if you have been online for long, you will learn from this podcast…

    Nice one Robert.

  5. Well, At least I made a dent..in the article production thing…

    I decided to do a review of Podcast #005 as I listened, so as soon as I leave here it is off to Ezine and do a submit!

    One article in an hour, think I’m a little behind on the stated goal of 10 per hour….

    But what counts is…what you do, not what you didn’t do.


  6. Thanks Robert for the Motivation!
    Wasn’t kidding about the Ezine…

    What Are Podcasts? What Do Podcasts Do?

    Actually submitted Two articles the same day…which is a record for me. Cararta Skipper is the nom de plume
    for this particular series.
    Both are now Approved and Live.


  7. Aaron Dwyer says:

    Hi Robert, do you have a link for the Jetpack WordPress plugin you mention in the show? Is it the one from WordPress directly.? Aaron

  8. Robert Plank says:

    Yes, it’s the one from WordPress.

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