010: Setup a WordPress Blog, Write Content, and Become an Instant Celebrity

The latest podcast is below and it's all about setting up your blog and using it to build up your authority and social proof...

"How to Setup a WordPress Blog" FREE Report

Topics covered:

  • The real reason to setup a blog (it's not what you think!)
  • Why it's so important for you to register "yourname.com" and what to do if it's taken
  • How to install WordPress
  • The 60-second theme rule that's saved me tons of time designing my WP blog
  • The top 10 plugins to use
  • The 10 comment rule
  • And more!

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  1. Carl Picot says:

    Nice post thanks Robert.

    Having a podcast as a blog is a great idea.

    Its the content bit that always gets me and how I can add value to to my customers so that they look at me as an authority.

    Love the music as well 🙂



  2. Miguel says:

    Great ideas and tips for “getting things done fast”, and Multi purposing content. Keeping listeners entertained, while delivering training content has been accomplished again Robert. Congrats on sharing with us yet another way to build multiple streams of income in 2013!

  3. I have a somewhat different list of WP plugins that I consider my favorites, and I think that there are some of the plugins that you mention that I don’t think are really needed, but I need to go back through your transcript when you post it to review them in detail. The problem with podcasts is that a 20-minute recording takes, well, 20 minutes to listen to, then more than another 20 minutes to go back and find the parts that you want to note down.

    A transcript with the same number of words, OTOH, takes me about 5 minutes to read, and maybe another minute or so to extract the stuff I want to research further (usually with Evernote). Because of the 20-30x time penalty for listening to a podcast, I don’t much care for them except in the case where I’m involved in a long commute, where it is not possible to read.

    Yeah, podcasting may actually be easier that writing, and for reasons I don’t understand, podcasts (and videos) seem to be very popular, but I wonder if you are just catering to an illiterate crowd.

    Of course, since it seems to be enormously popular, I have started doing videos (with surprisingly good results) — even though I’d rather not watch videos.

  4. Nohra says:

    Thank You,

    I started I intent to get it going with your help

  5. Nohra says:


  6. Quaid says:

    What is the difference between a blog and a site? Do people register all these blogs?
    I mean do they register the name of the blog as a domain name?

  7. Jim Morris says:

    I’d have to agree with Howard on the written transcripts. I speed read for what I want and don’t have the patience/time to listen to a podcast unless that’s the only way I can get the info. I skip videos on CNN.com as they take too long (and have ads)

    Quaid, a blog is usually a series of posts, by the blog owner or his VA. So the content is, or could be, changing a lot.
    A site tends to be static. You put the page up and it pretty much stays there.
    Yes, both the blog and the website have their own Domain name (or a subdomain).

  8. Pat Wiklund says:

    One of the smartest things I did, thanks to my friend Jeanette Cates, was to register my own name as a domain name. Now, that was a few years ago, and it was my professional site when I was working as a consultant.

    Now that I am retired, I still have it…don’t want to give up my name…but am using more of my other blogs to drive internet business.

    It never dawned on me to add the blog episodes to my blog…could’a had a V8!


  9. Pat Wiklund says:

    oops…meant “to add my podcast episodes to my blog” 😉

  10. jj healy says:

    @quaid i believe the difference between a blog and a website , is that in a blog you have more dynamic content, allow comments etc, wheras a website would be static pages. Podcasting seems to have got a new life

  11. I think us Howards will stick together on this. I too prefer transcripts for reading.

  12. Samuel Heins says:

    Robert, you are a wise man and I really enjoy listening to your podcast show. My business is almost 100% wordpress so I will look forward to hearing this one.

  13. Great podcast, Robert. Always interested in seeing your latest list of necessary WP plugins. Still sold on WordPress SEO to combine some of the ones you mentioned. Helps a bit with download times.

    Appreciate how simply you explain what can be made into a complex problem!

    Theresa 😎

  14. Thank you for the quick actionable tips, Robert! Will do these right away. Thanks!

  15. Like the song goes “yes I’m gonna be a star” I have never received so much value in an e-mail before. When ever I log in to my e-mail and see one from Robert I get the same feeling as when I was a kid and heard the ice cream truck.
    Seriously I have wasted sooo much money in the last 10 years. Now I get such a tremendous return for my investment that sometimes it is hard to believe it.
    Thank You Robert

  16. Hil says:

    This was GREAT (!) and the nudge I needed
    to get my first post up on my wordpress blog!

    Thanks for all the info and tips!!!!

  17. kannan says:

    Nice post robert.You have taken blogging to the next level.

  18. Dan Martin says:

    Most of us on your list get asked a lot about making money online. Rather than wasting time talking about free avenues, you’ve taken us right where we want to go. Knowing we wish to make money, from the get-go, this is a great discussion on starting a blog. Simple, to the point and short. Great job. I think I’ll link to your podcast the next time I write about starting a blog.

  19. Bonnie B says:

    I love the way you ‘idiot-proof’ your courses. Your instructions are step-by-step and I so appreciate that you don’t give vague instructions which require more searching. I’d been trying to figure out how to create and post videos for weeks… thanks for a great product.

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