009: Setup Your Own Podcast and Get Your Radio Show Published on iTunes

I have a quick question. What if you could pick up a telephone and in just a few minutes broadcast your message to thousands of people or more? What if you could partner with Apple iTunes and publish your very own Internet radio show or podcast 100 percent for free?

"How to Setup Your Own Podcast" FREE Report

Pay close attention right now to discover how to create your own podcast and make more money in the process. Close down all windows and turn your speakers up for today's exciting installment of the Robert Plank Show.

Topics covered:

  • Why you need to be everywhere and how you can get everywhere on the internet (mostly for free)
  • Why trying to get rich selling $7 e-books is a surefire recipe for failure (and what to do instead)
  • The exact strategy of using "iTunes SEO" to multiply your traffic
  • How to sell without selling on a podcast
  • ID3 tags, PowerPress, iTunes, LibSyn, WordPress
  • How using Facebook plus a one-time $10 purchase keep your podcasting traffic growing steadily

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Comments (15)

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  1. Dipak says:

    Superb!!!! Interesting stuff, love hearing the show Robert…………..Well you gave an insight into a new way to market and create a dedicated fans for any niche!!!!

  2. Petra says:

    I don’t have a podcast sector in my business because I don’t know much about it, in fact, I haven’t given it much thought either. Thanks for all the useful information you consistently provide.

  3. Thank you for the Podcast Crusher course, Robert and Lance. One of the things I liked about it is the key information that you shared, which I did not find in other podcast courses. The golden nugget pushed me to make 3 easy-to-do adjustments, and I’m now seeing major SEO gains as a result. Thanks!

  4. bruce says:

    it would be very nice of you, and a real treat, to receive the transcripts.
    thanks so much.

  5. I have numerous, as in too many to count, recordings of tele-seminars I have done with my metaphysical group. I’d love to “pod cast” them but just don’t know how. Now I will! This will be wonderful. Thanks so much.

    Have a blessed, prosperous and love filled 2013!

  6. Ian says:

    Hi Robert
    Thanks for the info.
    Would love details on how to get your podcast found amongst all the others out there. Looking forward to a transcript.

  7. Dail says:

    I haven’t had time to finish the Podcaster Crusher but would love more information about podcasting and how to implement it for my business. Thanks for putting this together!

  8. Tim Jensen says:

    I still need to go through the Podcast Crusher material. I am looking forward to it, though!

  9. Philip says:

    I bought into your course with no hesitation! You always break down into easy steps and clear the pathway ahead always! I’m looking foward to unleashing my voice on the world…

  10. Thanks as always for some great information.

    I don’t have a podcast up and running yet, BUT I do have some episodes recorded. Basically I’ve been right in the middle of a move in the last month and so I haven’t been getting podcasts “live” but I’ve been working on them.

    This is because I’m a writer at heart, and I write copious notes on my podcasts before I even get started on them. (I know, Robert, you’re probably cringing at the time I spend on my podcasts.) But I make scribbles on them EVERYWHERE. I’ll pause my friends in the middle of sentence to make notes for blog posts and podcasts. 🙂

    My focus in the first few days of the new year is to get my podcasts up now that I’m settled in my new place.

    And yes, I bought the Podcast Crusher course, and I loved it. I loved the simple step-by-step manner in which the process is laid out. I like being able to put my own spin on things, but I loved how you guys just laid everything out and I didn’t have to fill in any blanks! I’m also an affiliate for the course, and it is one of my favorites, so I’m looking forward to promoting it.

  11. Jase Wass says:

    Thanks for the ‘preview’. Podcasting is so easy most people I know dont think they need a course. Then I let them know some of the hidden areas you cover and they think twice.
    Podcast Crusher is def worth the money. This audio reminded me of a few things I need to go back and do.

  12. Pat says:

    Thank you Robert.. and Lance for the Podcaster Crush program. It is in top three of my list of things to do for my business before Feb.
    Awesome program.

  13. Hi Robert, I was reviewing the vids in Podcast Crusher and go excited all over again. Thanks for making the leap into a new world so easy, practical and painless.

    My very best wishes for you and your team, by the way i could not find the transcripts for issue 009, where should I look?


  14. sandra davis says:

    Your are prolific at creating strong content that marketers really want and need to know. I will be listening attentively.

  15. I finally bought it… of course I waited until the price went up. I can tell the $10 extra bucks will be worth it. I’ll keep you posted.

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