011: Create Physical Information Products with Kunaki, CreateSpace, Kinkos & Lulu

Discover how to branch out into the real world and sell your information products as physical, high-ticket items!

"How to Create Physical Infoproducts" FREE Report

Topics covered:

  • How to publish short reports on the fly with Kinkos.com
  • How to upload a simple Word document to Amazon CreateSpace to become a published author
  • How to print workbooks and manuals on demand using Lulu
  • Instantly sell physical audio CDs or video DVDs using Kunaki and a few ultra low cost tools
  • And more!

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Comments (47)

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  1. jay venka says:

    Kunaki, is powerful, easy and fast. Also shipping physical products transform you to a real business more than an online junkie IMO lol 🙂

    Thanks Robert.


  2. Robert,

    Great podcast.

    Doing physical products is a great part of any product portfolio and probably extremely underutilized by many online only marketers.

    Congrats on the success with the podcast and keep ’em coming!

    Brian T. Edmondson

  3. Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.) says:

    Hey Robert!

    You provided some very solid content for anyone interested in creating their own Physical Products. Your explanations were clear and easy to understand,…As a matter of fact, the resources you mentioned were very helpful, too!

    I’m really enjoying your podcast episodes, and I’m sure that your show will continue to grow in popularity, and you’ll have an even LARGER audience!

    Take care 🙂

    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
    “Keep On, Keeping On..”

    By the way…

    At the end of 2013 or when you feel you have enough Episodes, you should bundle them up and sell the MP3s & Transcripts as a “Physical Product” and a digital product!

    What the heck! If Seth Godin can do it, so should YOU 🙂

  4. Thank you, Robert, for sharing what could be the missing link for most online marketers today!

  5. Robert!

    Good stuff man! I am looking forward to more great content like this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Steve says:

    A very pragmatic view of the benefits and the how-to’s of developing physical versions of digital products.

    I appreciated that Robert isn’t positioning these physical products as the unequivocal keys to success of an information publishing business … but takes a realistic perspective on the great value they can bring when used intelligently to complement the digital publishing aspect. Then explains the resources that are readily available to make them a reality.



  7. Carl Picot says:

    Yea I have some stuff on Kunaki already Robert – It is an awesome platform that we can use in this modern age 🙂

    I will download this podcast as I love your information so much – really good many thanks – can’t wait for the transcript (y)

    Keep em coming !!



  8. DaveE Wilkes says:

    I have yet to create the first of my own products and I do know that I have been putting it off.. and off

    But thanks to the info in this podcast I now have the confidence to get on and do it.

    Many thanks. I appreciate your help

  9. Nile Vincent says:

    Now here’s some excellent content…could be one of the missing links!

  10. Trevor Baret says:

    This is a great way to expand an online business, by providing physical products as well.

    Looking forward to learning these new (to me) techniques.

    Your stuff is always worth listening to.


  11. Larry Speir says:

    Robert knows his stuff. I have enjoyed learning from him as he shares his expertise.

  12. Vincent says:

    As always your cast give valuable information for not only would be marketers, but also for those marketers that have already established themselves to some degree. Once again you give some serious food for thought.

    I have never really thought about physical products as i always thought that it would just be too hard to do. After watching this one, it does not seem that it is has hard as i imagined and i feel confident that i could also do this. Especially with some of the resources mention and the how to of it.

    Thanks for some really useful stuff.

  13. I agree with Vincent – that physical products would be too hard but the first time you taught us about Kunaki I tried it and it was sooo very easy. You are the king of creation (no offense to the religious buffs out there – I didn’t mean THAT king)! Thanks for all you do for us Robert.

  14. Hi Robert, once more I am floored by the amount of content in your podcasts. I had heard if a couple of your resources but was not aware of the others and see them as essential tools for marketing and obtaining various streams. Looking forward to the next podcast.
    tks again

  15. MikeR says:

    Looking forward to getting the latest info from Robert on creating physical information products.

    Thank you!


  16. Robert is the “go-to” guy when it comes to practical advice of how to make money online.

    Listening to podcast such as this one as well as participating in his webinars is time well spent.

    Please keep up the good work, Robert! 🙂

  17. Great podcast full of strategies for us to follow. Got to put that on my must do in a hurry list. Must make some green spinach smoothies to keep me going. So much to do in life. Need to live another 50 years to get through it.

  18. Howard says:

    The biggest hold up I’ve had to physical products is avoiding subjecting my company to sales and use tax. As long as I sell advice and digital products I am not required, in my state, to add this layer of complexity. maybe I need to rethink it.

  19. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for sharing this audio tutorial on creating physical products,

    I’ve always preferred digital products in my business due to the huge expense and effort involved in manually creating them for multiple shipping myself, so with your insights I will now be able to have the multiple creation side completed for a far easier and less time consuming (and much cheaper) method.

    I’ve always found all of your tutorials (and Lance’s) extremely insightful and you always explain the actionable steps in a way that makes them easy to implement, most of which have made me change the way I run my business so am very appreciative that you guys are willing to share your insights with us.


  20. Philip says:

    Opened up new possibilites! Thank you for an informative post.

  21. Lynn says:

    I have also used Vervante before to get a journal published for my consulting clients. THey do nice work.


  22. Shirley Williams says:

    Wow Robert, you are opening a brand new world to me with your tips in the “How to Create Physical Info Products” … I’m anxious to try them out. Thanks !

  23. Randy says:

    Thank you Robert for a good podcast. Great info that is completely actionable. Imagine all of this wisdom coming out of Turlock.


  24. David Williams says:

    Robert, Great information as always.

  25. Clarence says:

    Great info, Robert. I’ve always wanted to produce my own physical products and now I know how.

    Thank you very much!

  26. Raymond says:

    A lot of information crammed into a fast moving presentation. Looking forward to the transcript.

  27. Chock full of great info, Robert, as always! I appreciate your knowledge and generosity…and the realistic perspective on having a physical product too. I have friends that have gone through the agonies of the traditional publishing process and they have a physical book now, years and dollars and gray hairs later!

  28. Ian Carter says:

    Kinkos.com is a new one to me, so it was worth coming here just for that information!

  29. Mack Rodriguez says:

    This simple approach open new doors for me. Will listen again to grab it all.

  30. Ian Carter says:

    Kinkos.com is a new one on me, so it was worth visiting and listening for that one nugget alone.
    Of course, there’s so much more to Robert’s podcasts than that!
    Thanks, Robert.

  31. Creating physical information products is another way of shipping. (See Seth Godin on shipping).

    Thanks for this great info!

  32. Nate says:

    Robert – I have downloaded the podcast, and look forward to listening. Your info, as well as Lance’s, is always top notch, and I like the fact that it’s very “how to” without a lot of fluff.

    I’m trying to think of something to add/comment on here beyond just the obvious (higher perceived value, etc..). One thing some people don’t know is that eBay stopped allowing purely digital products a few years ago. Simply using Kunaki and adding a disk, however, solves this problem.

  33. Hi Folks!
    Aloha and Thanks a million Robert!

    Make a product simply through Kinkos, Createspace, Lulu’s, Kunaki…using cost effective tools like Logitech…Camtasia…Goldwave…Mero…in one podcast…with Case Study to boot! What a treat!

    And Robert redefines the KISS formula (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) with ideas for physical products as a front end or back end products.

    Like getting the audio equivalent of a success roadmap for producing physical audio and video/data CD/DVDs and hard covers…. Robert’s podcast provides an excellent overview to get biggest return in your time and investment. And he gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

    You want the benefit of an expert that cares about your success. Many IMer’s just want to take your money and run. Make sure the source you select takes the time to lead your through the maze. Listen to this podcast to get valuable tips and see for yourself.

    Keep up the great work and service for all!

  34. Excellent points here, Robert – removes a lot of the self-imposed roadblocks we put in our OWN way regarding physical products.

    I’ve used Kunaki before, but not with as much success as I believe YOU have, and based on some of the information in this podcast, I believe I’ve found my bottleneck! I’ve got some time over the next few days to do some recording, and I have a vision of several audio products coming out for me very soon!

    Thanks for the clear and focused ideas – really – much appreciated!

  35. Byrt says:

    This just might get me creating physical products for the first time 🙂
    It’s not something I have always thought about (only because it was in the ‘too hard’ basket).
    Keen to find out more!

  36. Bert says:

    Hey Robert,
    As always, great stuff. You explain things so well!
    I’ve never had a problem with product creation, but I do have a problem with finding some time to do it the way I like things done. Learning about some of the strategies you describe is just what I need to be more productive and more efficient. I haven’t tried Kunaki yet, but I have used some other tools online, which I probably shouldn’t mention. Looks like I need to spread my wings a little more and get more products out there! Now I am excited to try some new ideas. (You have that effect on people.)

  37. Robert says:

    I think with all the emphasis on digital downloadable product that perhaps the value of tangible physical products has been overlooked. I know that I probably have done just that. However, it just makes sense as it seems easy to bury a product into the computers HD and never open it again and yet it’s not so easy to ignore that stack of DVD’s sitting on your desk. Some real food for a newbie marketers mind. Thanks

  38. Nancy says:

    Thank you Robert, for your generous sharing on how to get a physical product made. But I have a question about that. With the proliferation of digital media, how do you know for sure that going to the trouble of making a physical product is worth doing? Sure, I know to ask my market; but what are the most important criteria to use to made that decision — digital v. physical?

  39. Steven Sanchez says:

    The money’s not really in your list, it’s in having your own products to sell. Thanks Robert for showing us how easy it can be.

  40. Deborah says:

    I learned exactly what I needed in this podcast! I have been wondering how to use Kunaki in a super smart way . . . now it have one! Thank you for doing this podcast for us.

  41. Joshua says:

    Robert awesome podcast as always. There are always going to be all types of people out there, some like physical products, some digital, and some who just don’t give a crap. I feel sometimes you can turn that physical product buyer into a digital buyer, but not until they have bought some physical products from you, it is important not to leave know stone unturned, or money on the table. Also personally I feel as humans feel that a physical item is worth more. I would say though, that now we have an era of old school people (cd,dvds, ect…) and the new school people (mp3, mp4, ect..) The old school people are use to waiting for there product, but still with a want to have it now. The new school people look at you and say give me my digital download now, with more of an instant result need, or they don’t want it. Regardless of either school we should all be keeping up with either one, and like I said before, then we don’t leave know stone unturned.

  42. laurence says:

    Thanks Robert.

    Massive insights from this. Nice to see the entire process in action and all the step-by-step instruction. You’ve taken the technical out of the technology.

  43. HI Robert,

    Thanks for sharing the ins and outs of physical product development. We’ve come a long way from the days when you had to do this all yourself in-house. Makes so much financial and time sense to put it out there for someone else to do for you.

    You do a great job of making the complexity of Kunaki easy to understand

    All the best

    Theresa 😎

  44. sensei says:

    Kunaki has been around for some years… Frank Kern originally Introduced it to me 5 years back… I know Robert will take it to another level… can’t wait.

  45. Jase Wass says:

    Well, you’ve done it again, mate. Magic. I’m going I have to find out if these work from Australia. I think last time I checked Kunaki it was unfeasible outside US.

  46. Ali Bierman says:

    Awesome site. Just subscribed to your podcasts. thanks for making the podcast crusher so I could discover all your incredibly brilliant work.
    i LOVe to talk and have been making videos and writing articles for years so I already have loads of content to turn into podcasts.

    does anyone know an app or program I can use to strip my audio out of my videos?

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