018: Setup Your Income Machine Including a Blog, Optin Page, Followup Sequence, Sales Letter, Membership Site, Traffic and More (That Makes Money While You Sleep)

If you've ever found yourself working too hard, spinning your wheels, and wondering if there was some "missing piece" to getting a passive automatic recurring income up and running, then this may be the most important podcast you'll ever hear. Click the "play" button right now to discover how to setup the entire income machine, including:

  • Step 1: Niche (not baby boomers, something more like "golf" or "self defense")
  • Step 2: Website (a real .com name containing your keyword)
  • Step 3: Optin Page (headline + 3 bullet points)
  • Step 4: Followup Sequence (at least 10 emails, one a day)
  • Step 5: Blog (update monthly)
  • Step 6: Sales Letter (one single call to action)
  • Step 7: Membership (doesn't mean recurring)
  • Step 8: Traffic (Facebook, AdWords, affiliates)

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Go ahead, check it out right now, and be sure to also leave your comments below.

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  1. Very descriptive article, I liked that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?

  2. Bob Withers says:

    Thanks very much Robert! Excellent content and instruction as usual. I appreciate your hard work.

  3. Aloha Robert—great podcast “soups to nuts” lifecycle for Internet Marketing today.

    You’ve explained in lay man’s terms the evergreen tips and the best ways across the common pride and pitfalls of this minefield where many a wannabee has fallen to “shiny object syndrome.”

    Traffic! We need an want traffic to bring all things together.

    Best and Mahalo

  4. Andy Coder says:

    I think that I have a pretty compelling reason for people to join my list, but I can see from your bullet points that I still have work to do. Many thanks for providing another useful Podcast.

  5. This is a great round up of all the things that are needed. I am currently working on a product creation challenge. I was a little worried and confused about whether I needed a squeeze page and a sales page that is separate from my blog.

    Would I be looking to get people to visit my blog at all or just get them to the squeeze page?

    Would I need a product specfic blog or can I link with the one I write regularly on (mydailycuppa.com)


  6. David Ashton says:

    Good stuff Robert, another timely reminder to get your site up and running 100% before you buy the shiny objects, that are great, but only if you have your site up finished.

  7. Hi Robert,

    Excellent Podcast (and pure gold as usual)

    Basically laid out every single requirement of on online business in the order that they need to be implemented step by step all in a tad over 45 minutes which novice marketers can take a year or more to learn elsewhere.

    I do have everything you mentioned all set-up but after listening to your podcast I realize they possibly are not all linked together as well as they should be (looks like I’m going to be busier that I thought today)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. Ricky says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for putting this out here – just what I needed as I have so much holes in business its ridicoulous. I’m going to get focused on getting my ducks in row now. I have a a niche and blog but not much content at the moment. In the following order:

    Squeeze page
    Content/product info for squeeze page
    Follow up email funnel
    Sales letter
    Membership site (this one I’m not sure about at the moment)

    Wish me luck. Thanks again Robert.

    Ricky Britton

  9. Howard says:

    Great concept I love income machine.

  10. Ric says:

    This is great!

    My Shiny Object syndrome is cured! All I have to do is a get a .com and use adwords! Easy stuff! I don’t even ahve to worry about quality scores cuz Robert didn’t mention that. I need a sales page? cool, I’ll just write one up, cuz it’s so easy right??

    I love hyped up “complete” systems given away. Gurus are so generous showing me how to make money while I sleep.

    Thanks again, now I’ll never have to buy another BSO! I’ll remember this the next time Robert pushes another make money crusher.

  11. Joshua says:

    Robert, Great Podcast, we all know the shiny object syndrome is a tough one. We all see the next best thing and it takes us away from what we should be focused on. When you get a crappy attitude towards other people products, just goes to show either you are failing or your getting upset because Lance and yourself are actually giving away to much free information (sorry just had to put that out there). Everything you say makes sense but you have to put action behind things, and there are the one hit wonders, but that is usually what they are. You must stay focused on your niche, find ways that you can make it better and sell that idea. This isn’t hard but you must stay focused on your dream. You have to believe in it passionately to achieve it monetarily, if that is what your looking for. I just want to say you help me get rid of my procrastination. Where I have been doesn’t matter but where I am going does. Like a rear view mirror of a car, when you look into it everything is so small but when you look out the windshield it is so big and full of opportunities.What we do with them is our choice. Thanks again.

    Josh Shoemaker

  12. xbox360 says:

    We are a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.

    Your web site provided us with useful information to work on.
    You have done a formidable activity and our whole community will be thankful to you.

  13. Cararta says:

    Have my blog set up! posts everywhere!

    Host Gator sent me an email…I never received….all of a sudden I couldn’t log in!

    I was guilty of almost closing down the server…..Not me an my traffic…just a Chinese bot
    that has fallen in love with my site. I keep adding robot txt, banning ips in my .htacess, but nothing seems to work. In June alone, I had 3.896 MILLION hits and use 34.6 G of bandwidth. A little much for shared hosting.

    Then, in the middle of this, my local isp went down, so no dsl for three days.

    A huge tale of woe!

    But, I worked on posts and saved to notepad, Wrote a few articles, caught up on
    some sadly neglected housework…
    Back working today, mostly on the phone as Host Gator Support called me since I hadn’t opened their support email….Nice…they had not locked down my blog or my sugar control site, just my main domain for my account and another small site.

    Guess I could have worked on writing emails….think I like doing that about as much as I like washing dishes…which I have had to do by hand..waiting for service tech to get back with new water pump…..for the dishwasher.

    Will copy your little list…maybe if I print it out and tape if over the monitor screen..more if it might get done?

    Thanks for the post Robert….a gentle reminder GET To Work!

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