017: Make Money Using Facebook Traffic, Ads and Fan Pages

Listen to today's exciting episode of the Robert Plank Show to discover...

  • Why your competitors are making more money than you (with less effort) and how to stop them in their tracks starting today
  • How most people market on social media the wrong way -- and how you can use it to multiply your business
  • The only three types of Facebook fan pages you'll ever create, and which one you'll use (sometimes more than one)
  • The exact steps we use to go from an idea to consistent Facebook leads and sales (easy repeatable process)
  • And more!

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  1. Leon says:

    Robert! Thanks for sharing that insight about facebook.
    Listening to your #17 Podcast was an unexpected blessing…
    all praises to the lord for giving you the talent and understanding
    of Facebook to be will and able to share your knowledge of FB
    with others. I read and keep most of your emails.

  2. Frank Thomas says:

    Keep it coming Robert. I’ve been looking for a more authoritative source for Facebook, and as you mention on the podcast, most sources are a waste of time. Thanks again and I’ll be picking up your Facebook fanpage course.


  3. Dr Will says:

    I have learned more from Robert and his partner in the last 2 months than the last 3 years about the web internet marketing, and now facebook.
    They Make it easy to use and understand, I may have a doctorate but am a novice in this area, and they help.
    I got over 4000 likes on one fan page and 3400 on another for under $75!
    these guys rock!

  4. Sherm says:

    I just watched your video at http://www.setupafanpage.com/button/ and my head just about exploded from hearing about those Facebook secrets…so I’m really looking forward to hearing this one. Ka-Blooey!

  5. Howard says:

    I had pretty much dismissed FB as too noisy and mostly useless, but after listening to this podcast, I can see that there is method to Zuckerberg’s madness.

    …and it does appear that I need to play closer attention to FB to take advantage of the possibilities there.

    Among other things, I now understand a bit about that mysterious “reach” statistic that appears on my fan page.

  6. Quentin Pain says:

    Hi Robert, your blog is brilliant and I love your non-stop voice on those podcasts. Adding my comment here in the hope that you keep up the good work you do.

  7. Cararta says:

    Listening as I type….sounds like Facebook ads are somewhat trial and error..

    Last year I tried to to run an ad….they didn’t like my bid…still have a $10.00 credit as I didn’t try to rerun again. Money in the bank!
    Guess I’d better check out Your Facebook Program…I’m a little ahead because I do have several “Brand” pages, but I’m sure I can improve on them with some Robert Plank-Lance Tamashiro direction.
    The part in the program that seems interesting is accessing people in groups, because I’m in several and those people are very active and on FB almost every day.

    Some of the groups will allow posting of a link to your FB fan page or your Blog if you have some quality content to share….but no affiliate links.

    I’ve found in commenting or posting that FB has a huge data base of referral urls and just like adsense doesn’t seem to favor bitly …gets marked as spam! Same for almost any affiliate link to Clickbank…so an outside website with a link cloacker is a must..
    What is interesting..finally got enough likes so I could use insights…improved my visibility 153 views in one day and moving up!
    Guess this is a learning curve…

  8. Stephen Bray says:

    Yes, Robert great information. So many people fail to realize just how much traffic you need in order to get sales.

    Google will slap IMers, but do you know if ads in GMail still work, for non IM topics?

    Facebook seems a good option for buying traffic, but as with Google, I’ve known people who’ve got burned financially by doing F.B. ads the wrong way.

    I’s true that e-mail lists lose subscribers, unless you do something to add new ones, but I hadn’t considered how few people ‘unfriend’ on F.B.

    Some people worry that, like Google, F.B. also changes the rules from time to time, and so investing time and money there may one day lead to a F.B. slap, and lost business.

    Entrepreneurs never worry about such changes, because they adapt and are inventive – but small business owners, by and large, aren’t entrepreneurs and are more cautious when it comes to spending money on adverts.

    What is your advice for such small business owners?

  9. Thanks Robert!.. Great and inspiring information with tons of clarity. Laser focused “know-how” on how to navigate in the vast djungle of Facebook. I immediately got lots of ideas for facebook-pages I want to create. I have recently bought your and Lance’s course “Set Up A Fan Page” and I’m really looking forward to dive into it.

  10. John Chow says:

    Hey Robert!
    Amazing Facebook Marketing Tips..


  11. FD Hermansen says:

    Interesting take on Facebook, and good information. You sold me I’m going to follow through.

  12. As usual Robert you make it sound so easy as I listen but when I try to put it into action I have no idea how to proceed most times and end up lost, irritated and give up. But never quit so I’ll keep coming back for more. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Joshua says:

    Robert, really appreciate all the information you give us. Traffic is definitely a key factor to making it online, you can have a great product but if know one sees it, so what’s the point. FB has so many great opportunities when used right, with setupafanpage 2.0 is awesome, always thought it would be hard, but as usual you and lance come up with simple solutions. I think you said this once before or something similar, quit making it harder than it really is just do something. I personally keep trying to make everything so perfect, in fear of something going wrong. Keep up the good work, all is appreciated.
    Josh Shoemaker

  14. Hi Robert,

    I’ve just downloaded your podcast and am looking forward to loading it up on my MP3 player to have a listen, the info that you and Lance share is always on the button so I’m sure this info will enhance my understanding of Facebook (only signed up with them a few months ago)

    Thanks for sharing


  15. Laurie Mills says:

    As you normally do this is another great Podcast. Cannot believe how much information that you can pass on to each of us, every time.
    Your understanding of how all of this works is astounding. Wish I could get up to speed with your suggestions, My excuse is old age and I’m sticking to it, lol.
    I will get there slowly but surely.

    Thank you for this fine work that you do.
    Laurie Mills

  16. The key to any type of advertising is to place your AD in front of the RIGHT crowd, in the proper mindset, at the right time.

    FB offers a good way to segment by geo-targeting and even more advanced demographics. However, many advertisers forget to think about the platform’s visitors mindset.

    Ask yourselves questions like:
    * “Why are they here?”
    * “What are they inclined to do?”
    * “Why would excite them mostly?”
    …and you will discover that on FB people aren’t driven by the same impulses as on a specialized Forum, for instance, even when they are members of a thematic group.

    Answering those questions would help anyone who is serious about investing money into FB ads AND, at the same time, willing to test thoroughly and not be afraid to lose money now and then…

    My advice, on top of everything Robert so wisely pointed out, would be just this:
    1. Test
    2. Test again
    3. Repeat steps 1&2 🙂

    Hope it makes sense?

    Other than that, once you hit the sweet spot and the ads start bringing in a positive ROI, traffic basically becomes free (of course, with a good converting funnel in place)

    Very good info in the podcast, as always (and also as expected from you)
    Cheers, Robert!

  17. Great podcast Robert. Selling Amazon products on facebook seems like a great idea.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that Facebook Pages rank just as good as WordPress sites. Another thing that is hot right now are big authority sites like Slideshare and YouTube. Not having a website of your own is no longer an excuse for not being able to make money online.

  18. Love your stuff!! Like one above, I’ve learned more from you guys in a few months than three years of stumbling around. Thank you for making it to-the-point, and completely applicable to real life… I especially appreciate the way you show us step by step, leaving nothing out. Bless you, Robert and Lance.

  19. Todd Lod says:

    This sounds just like what I am looking for. I plan to engage in your course and move my business ahead in 2014.

    Thanks for clarity and the conviction to share it.

    Best regards,

  20. James says:

    Hi Robert, would love to learn how to set up a fan page and grow it big and popular but just wanted to touch base with you before I buy your course.

    I’ve been reading on the blogosphere about recent changes at Facebook in regards to Pages and the increasing difficulty in reaching fans organically (i.e. without boosting posts etc) and am wondering if your course is still relevant/current?

    Also, is there a support community inside the course?

    Thanks. Look forward to hearing back. 🙂

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