021: Claim Unlimited Internet Advertising & Traffic (Free SEO and Paid PPC) to Deliver Hungry Visitors to Your Websites

If you've ever wanted to discover the secrets to getting a flood of visitors, optins, and sales to your website... then this will be the most important podcast episode you'll ever listen to!

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Topics covered:

  • How to know your numbers (hint: whether an ad is profitable or leaking money)
  • The best free sources including email, SEO, social media, affiliate programs, forums, and more
  • The best paid traffic sources including pay per click, Bing, Google, ad networks, retargeting, and more

Click the "play" button right now to discover the best proven and untapped traffic sources, and be sure to leave a quick comment below to allow the Robert Plank Show to continue.

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  1. Dane Morgan says:

    What i really like about your style is how you cut through the clutter and make some pinpoint recommendations for tools and actions. i may not always agree with the tools choices, but i suspect the differences are personal choice things usually and ultimately not telling me about 100 different notepad editors means you have time to talk about something that really matters and I can figure out what notepad editor to use on my own if i don’t like yours.

    Great show Robert. One of four now in the ‘Listen First’ playlist on my podcatcher,

  2. Andrew Pearson says:

    Brilliant Robert, keep these tips happening bro!

  3. Robert, I love how you get down to the real basics that everyone needs to hear about – you are the BEST at this!

  4. Alan says:

    Always great Info. Always worth the time!

  5. Bryan says:

    Always love learning from a no B.S. source. I will be implementing your shared info. today, thanks Robert!

  6. Hey Robert,

    I also agree that no one will pay you for doing nothing. I think the biggest problem with most people trying to make money online is that they offer their prospects no value. I had no idea who you were and I couldn’t remember how I got on your list but I like to listen training while I’m working on my blog. When I heard you mention Paper Template, that’s when I remembered “Oh yeah, he’s that guy who sold that awesome software for a ridiculous price.” Then I really started to pay attention because I received value from you.

    Too many people are just trying to take the easy way out by building a list and doing nothing but hammering them with affiliate offers. Then they wonder why nobody buys anything.

  7. Philip Rees says:

    Your training has been lifechanging for me over the past year. Always your style is to cut through the fog of info overload and point to the steps to success that are possible for anyone to follow. To make it easy for someone to follow in your steps is not a skill that many have…only the best of mentors can do it. Thank you for all you do Robert!

  8. Robert Plank says:

    Awesome Philip, make sure you keep everyone updated with your activities and results.

  9. Linda House says:

    First time listener and this was very informative. I like Robert’s conversational style and that he explains things very well

  10. John Antaya says:

    This was a good audio on Traffic. This was a simple but expert explanation of what is needed to get traffic to your site.

    Thank You

  11. Tom Allen says:

    Awesome, you help make it clear what to do. Time to take some focused action
    Much Appreciated !

  12. I want to add an “Amen” to Nequan’s comment on adding value to your clients. Well said. And totally typical of Robert’s business philosophy. In fact, I suspect we’ll hear another excellent podcast on this topic in the future!

  13. Manuel De La Paz says:

    You really do provide some good marketing advice and motivation. I enjoy listening to all the free training you offer. In fact you really sell while not selling. You provide information for all of us and offer solutions. Keep up the great work.


  14. Richard says:

    appreciate this podcasts Robert, and I definitely need to study this one as traffic is an issue !

  15. Bill Brooks says:

    The information you provide is nothing but the best and I do try to use it as much as I can. As I do not know of any site that has more traffic that it can not use.

  16. Joshua says:

    Robert thanks again for such a great podcast. Traffic is the major key without it I believe people get upset and quit. Setupafanpage 2.0 makes this simple. Hope your having a great weekend.

  17. Rhonda Gruber says:

    This is a wonderful review of many paid and unpaid sources of traffic. Robert is an extremely clear teacher and this is a good investment of just under an hour of your time. This is the first time I listened to his podcast but, hopefully, it won’t be the last.

  18. Robert Plank says:

    Thanks Rhonda, and everyone else.

  19. Dale Maxwell says:

    Thank You for your reminder about numbers – always great content

  20. kay says:

    Thanks for such great content…I’m new to online marketing and the way you explain things is very helpful. You clarified several things that I didn’t quite understand…. Next on the list…listen to the podcast again.

  21. John says:

    Nice to have feedback from someone who has seriously used these traffic sources. Sure, traffic is a numbers game. All things being equal the more traffic the better the results. But all things are not equal when it comes to traffic sources. Your experiences should help separate the quality sources from the rest.

    Thanks Robert

  22. doug kercher says:

    The only money I have made is offline. Thanks for the tips so I may not have to deal with clients.

  23. You share such wonderful info Robert. Thanks you so much. I hope your episodes keep coming.

  24. Sunny Rivers says:

    This is my first podcast experience with you. Nice coverage of a broad subject. I now have you bookmarked so I can tune in regularly.


  25. Robert Plank says:

    Sounds good Nequan, thanks for putting Paper Template to good use.

  26. Awesome podcast. Lots of information. Also love the topic. I enjoy listening to podcasts and learning at the same time. Will definitely check on your other episodes. THank you for sharing.

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