026: Create Direct Response Sales Letters in Minutes Using Paper Template

If you too want to discover how to easily turn words into cash, make money out of thin air, and create wealth anytime you want just by setting up a simple one-page website, then this will be the most important podcast you'll ever hear... topics covered:

  • The most important "four step formula" you'll ever need to know to create ANY web page (to get people to do what you want)
  • Robert Plank's 7-part copywriting formula to get in done in SECONDS every time
  • The exact tool you'll use to "point and click" your way to success and online sales

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  1. Ken says:

    I’ve had Paper Template for a while without using it.
    Thanks for the reminder / inspiration. (Long-live “KISS”!)

  2. LOVE Paper Template! Use it for my own sites and for client sites. Great look. Thanks guys for such an awesome product.

  3. Joshua says:

    The paper template is great, I believe we all get caught up in the shiney object sydrome. If we would just stay focused on what already works and what we already have, we would all be making money online or at the least have a list.
    Josh Shoemaker


  4. Rick Butts says:

    I go back and forth with Paper Template. I put up an offer wit the Paper Template, clean and clear and it converts.

    Then I look around at the other’s in my market who are producing fancy-pants graphical theme sites with menus and I hear the old – “single action sales letters are dead for selling serious products and services”

    I sell training to people who want to become highly paid professional speakers and write big league media level books – but I am not a fluffy person – I myself like the information delivered straight and I LIKE the way the gray border sales letters look.

    When you see a Paper Template sales page – the headline – subheads etc – I just think “I can get the most important information here quickly and easily and make a decision.”


    So, I continue to use Paper Template for offer sites and thank you Robert for creating this amazing plugin. Before PT it was a giant annoyance to battle different themes just to get a clean site – and PT has so many great tools.

  5. Rick Butts says:

    The Only Thing I Would Change in the Paper Template

    If I could put a slip of paper in the Wish Box for Paper Template, it would be this:

    “Is it possible to come up with a more modern looking format for the testimonial and case study boxes?”

    The simplicity of the boxes is awesome – but those colors – the blue and green are kind of cringe-worthy.

    Surely there is some kind of simple HTML that could be coded to the CSS in the plugin to reformat those in something that looked a little less 1997?

    If not – I’ll keep on cranking them out as is – or creating a little graphic for testimonials in Photoshop.

    Thanks for listening.

  6. Hi Robert,
    Do I upload the Paper Template zip into WordPress plugins > Add new or WordPress themes > add new ?
    Thanks :o)

  7. William says:

    Hey Robert, fantastic post!

    Love paper template plugin. I ab-use it. Always crisp and clean. I have even added cool graphics to it. Great for cpa capture pages.

    I do have enhanced sales letters too and plan on changing things up a little.

  8. Philip says:

    I used to wrap myself up in words to the point of boring people. Paper Template let’s me cover the benefits and advantages in clear easy style answering the basic questions of what can it do for the reader. Point, click: success!


  9. Big Jason says:

    I love Paper Template… except for the fact that it doesn’t allow comments (wordpress, facebook comment plugin, etc).


  10. My simple sales letter is at:


    I’ve used paper template and created this simple sales letter in under 30 minutes.
    Before it would have took me days, now I can easily do it in less than 1 hour and go spend more time with my family.

    Thanks Robert.

  11. David Ashton says:

    Papertemplate is the best software around when it comes to making your webpages, especially a sales page.
    I created http://www.cashinonyourvoice.info soley with this product, and for the very first time ever, due to the training from Robert and Lance I have complete an entire site, funnells etc (everything) so thank you Robert and Lance so I recommend you check out there training if you don’t yet know what they are offering.

  12. Raj Bapna says:

    Hi Robert,

    I’ve been benefiting from many of your products for years, including Action Popup, wpDrip, MemberGenius, paper theme, as well as your courses on Javascript, php and copywriting, …

    I have used the paper template on different websites.

    My new website using a different template is: http://www.10IQin20Days.com (increases your intelligence by 10 points in 20 days)

    Everyone: please check out and give your feedback to me on my email rajbapna@mindmachinelab.com


  13. Walter Kelly says:

    Hi Robert

    I was pleased to receive your email today and comments about Paper Template.

    To be honest, I had purchased this some time back and didn’t get around to using it right away. Having now read the other comments from delighted users, I’m inspired to get it going with some new sites I’ve planned.

    Thanks for such a great product and one that will save loads of time. I’m really looking forward to creating some visually appealing pages.

    Kindest regards


  14. Harold Avila says:

    Hi Robert,

    Paper Template is nicely integrated into your systems. It is an important part of your systems which allows you (and us) to quickly put up a nice looking, integrated and working website with sales buttons.

    Thanks for your teaching. Thanks for asking to see the sales page for my Headache Relief system. http://www.HeadacheComfort.com

    Sincerely, Harold

  15. Jeff Robinson says:

    I have never used Paper Template but thanks to your podcast I will be using it from here on out! I was always stuck on the better looking site the better it is. I needed to streamline my information and make it look more professional with integrated options for my sales. Thanks so much for the tips Robert!

  16. Jane Gale says:

    This is excellent, Robert! Thank you so much for introducing me to Paper Template. The software looks awesome. I’m looking forward to trying this out right away! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

  17. Rohit Shah says:

    Great, this paper template will be awesome for my yoga book selling. Currently I made one page website with my own using some basic html-css but my friends suggest me to try some CMS like wordpress and find out one page theme. So I will surely try it.

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