027: Productivity and Time Management (The Secrets to Following Through and Getting Everything Done)

Check out the latest podcast episode to discover the seven secrets to getting it all done:

  1. Proper motivation
  2. Stability versus maintenance mode
  3. Let your neuroses and unhappiness work FOR you
  4. Declutter
  5. Avoid putting the horse before the cart
  6. Acting versus reacting
  7. Fear of completion & success

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  • How to avoid the trap of "having balls in the air" or "putting out fires"
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  • How to avoid self-sabotage and actually enjoy everything you do
  • Simplify your life while putting in less hours and getting more done at the same time
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So go ahead, click that play button and please listen to the Robert Plank Show below and answer me this one question...

Out of the 7 "secrets to getting it all done" (the numbered list above) which one resonated with you the most and when will you start implementing it?

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  1. David Ashton says:

    Once again Robert, you have produced a pearler of a podcast.
    Your 7 subpoints are very interesting, I’m not going to list them here – I’ll let others who are ready discover them for themself.
    The biggest things I now truly understand, and finally getting in my head is when you don’t finish a task, it is doing more harm than good. So it makes sense to not trust yourself (and the interruptions we all get) and set 4 simple small tasks that you can easily complete, but small ones that we must laser focus on to finish.
    You will now notice my 4 daily tasks on the facebook group page will now change to a more specific smaller task rather than a generic task.
    I don’t know if this post is just awesome because I am understanding what you and Lance are teaching better, as I have decluttered bad teachings.
    You certainly know a lot about people, which means you have studied yourself a lot, and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t heard of you before to start taking his great messages onboard – the quicker the better for you.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  2. The part that really reasonated with me was the part about not being scarred of putting things out there. Before, I was always worried people won’t like my stuff. I tried a few niches and learned quickly that they did not work.

    It’s better to put something out fast, test it, get feedback and course correct than sit on it for a long time. I use to mind map ideas in my head and worry about it. Now I just put it out, run fb ads, see how the response is, course correct, either by tweaking, throwing idea or create a back end product.

    Thanks for this podcast Robert.

  3. Buster Brown says:

    Another Robert wrote an article about this back in 1949 — I’ve used his advice ever since: http://www.stonesoup.org/meetings/0601/pim.pres/procrastination.pdf

  4. Victor says:

    Robert your Productivity and Time management is a great podcast. Your words truly hit home as you and Lance put it on a silver platter, we just have to trust ourselves and execute. I have no one else to blame for constant excuses to finish my projects that I truly know will be successful. I commit to the 4 daily tasks and will follow thru. Thanks for your guys passion, relentless commitment on making your students perform and be successful! Thank You both!

  5. Robert Plank says:

    Victor, also be sure to join our Four Daily Tasks Facebook group if you are an Income Machine member.

  6. Jeff Robinson says:

    My personal issue with me resonates with number 7, the fear of completion and success. I will write a piece perfectly with my view on it and love it and once I post it the first comment I get I start to second guess myself and somewhat cater my work to that one persons comment. It then turns into a snowball effect where I’m constantly catering my work to what the “readers” want and I lose direction of what I wanted to achieve. I then have fear in creating new things because I lost my way trying to make everyone happy. This podcast really help teach me that I’m not alone with this issue and that I need to have a little more confidence in myself and my work. Thanks Robert!

  7. Bonnie says:

    “Acting versus Reacting!” Boy did you hit my issue on the head!!! Thanks for your great podcasts and webinars. Somehow knowing I’m not the only one with these challenges gives me hope!!! I love your stuff.

  8. Robert Plank says:

    Hi Bonnie, I’m glad you liked it. It turns out there is actually a reason we get worried or stressed out… the key is to let it work for you instead of against you (at least I think).

  9. joe says:

    Helping me to deal with the fear of completion and success was the most helpful for me.

  10. Philip says:

    Getting rid of overwhelm was for me the ah ha moment when I signed up to Time Management on Crack.

    Selecting 4 action points and completing them even publicly holding myself to account has been at times a nervous exercise in reality but well worthwhile!

    I can wholeheartedly recommend you as THE solution whatever the question is in a business person’s mind.

  11. Robert Plank says:

    Hi Philip, I have seen you posting your 4 Daily Tasks in our group… great job.

    I used to struggle with doing the important things, having all the priorities and to-do lists (which was a job in itself)… the only problem with doing four things a day is 1. it takes a few days to “calibrate” yourself and figure out those 4 things that are the most important and 2. it feels weird to have so much free time (that you didn’t have before)

  12. I would say number 7 Fear of completion & success, for some reason this gives me the most issue. I have put up allot of things online, I know how to do all of it. Just seems like when it comes to making it go live, fear sets in. I have been successful, in other things, just cannot nail this one down. No sure why either, I deserve it, I know my family deserves it. I listen to all you guys stuff, I get it, I do it then bam, ready to launch and bam stop. I hope I am making sense, I have webinar stuff ready, and just scared to death. Any how thanks again for helping motivate me, some how I will overcome.

  13. Great post Robert, plenty of useful tips as usual.

    The best method for me personally is to make a list, do one thing at a time, and check it off – start with the things I don’t like so when I finish I get to do the things I do like as a reward 🙂

    – Brian

  14. Zack says:

    Hi Robert, due to busy schedule I can’t not listen your podcast, but I always ready your report for every podcast on my Note 2 and everyday morning I try to implement it for a day as much as possible. And that 4 daily task thing changed my life and I realize that I wasted my much amount of time everyday because all things are messed up you can’t decide what to do.

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