033: Membership Cube 3.0 (The Ultimate Membership Site Plan)

Membership sites! Check out the latest Robert Plank Show to discover:

  • the big two things our favorite Platinum student used to jump from 6 figures a year to 6 figures a month (answer: membership sites & webinars)
  • the exact tools to set it all up (WordPress, Wishlist Member, Video Player, WP Drip)
  • how to get a 4-part or 1-hour course out fast and then organize it with TablePress
  • how to stickify and gamify your site using WP Notepad and WP Kunaki (available inside Membership Cube)
  • This week's sponsor: Membership Cube (get your entire membership site online and making money) -- check out our rap about membership sites about 11 minutes 20 seconds in, you're going to love it
  • What services to use to ensure that membership site stays online: UptimeRobot, Plugin Dashboard, and Backup Creator

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