034: Instant Content Creation Secrets (Eight Techniques to Get the Creative Juices Flowing)

Join us for today's exciting edition of the Robert Plank Show where we uncover AND discover:

  • what quickly beats stress and gets the creative juices flowing (hint: exercise)
  • what Napoleon Hill has to say about finding success when it comes to writer's block or anything else (hint: find people that have already done what we want to do, and copy what they did to get there.)
  • Forget what you learned in school about "writing" to impress your teacher
  • Help me in welcoming our brand new sponsor, Membership Cube (they will pay for your membership software out of their own pocket)

And our eight techniques to explode our creativity and churn out that content:

  1. private label rights as a starting point
  2. sales letter first -- combining things = creativity, problem/alternatives -> only solution
  3. four milestones -- document your steps/notes
  4. question that needs to be answered (title of this podcast) -- get angry and find a solution -- ask more than you need and cross out
  5. WWHW each chapter (i.e. book)
  7. video/audio instead of writing (you won't agonize about it)
  8. enhancements: checklist, membership site, challenge, case study


So tune into the latest and greatest episode of the Robert Plank Show right now, and while you're at it, register for our upcoming membership training:

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