035: Alumni Pitch Webinars and Version Two

Listen to today's Robert Plank Show to discover the launch technique you can use whether you're making $100 per month or $100,000 per month from your online business at the moment, including:

  • the "fire and motion" most product launches forget about
  • the exact kind of pitch webinar you need to use to promote your products (teach long division and sell the calculator)
  • how to re-promote your existing products to pay your bills for years to come
  • how to avoid being stuck in "product creation" or "product launch" mode and still make money when you update your courses
  • And more! Please welcome our brand spanking new sponsor for this week: Membership Cube
  • Additional resources: Membership Cube (create that membership site), Webinar Crusher (pitch your products with webinars), Make a Product (self-publish on Amazon.com), Podcast Crusher (create your own podcast on iTunes)

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