040: Self-Help for Internet Marketers & Entrerepreneurs (What to Do When No One Else Seems to Get It)

I'll admit it, I DON'T have it all figured out! But I'm right there with you when it feels like, as a home-based entrepreneur, no one else seems to be on the same track as you. In today's podcast I'm going to share a few tools with you to avoid burnout, information overload, fear of failure, and more. It's easier to edit crap than air!

(Lots of show notes this time around, please scroll down a little to see the audio player for today's action-packed super-sized episode.)

Self Help Advice You Might Have Heard Before (But Need to Hear Again)

  • You are your own worst enemy: it feels good to complain, self fulfilling prophecy
  • "We are what we repeatedly do" (you are what you eat)
  • "Your income is the average of your 5 closest friends"
  • Abundance mindset vs victimhood, resentment
  • "Some people say self help doesn't last. Neither does showering, and that's why we recommend it daily"
  • "Ask the computer called your brain the right questions" -- the phrasing is important, i.e. HOW can this be done and not CAN it be done

"Get Back on Track" Checklist

Don't share these answers with me or anyone else... it's explained in the second half of today's episode...

  1. Self sabotage: In what way do you SOMETIMES have one foot on the break? (So you can overcome it)
  2. What are you really afraid of and what sometimes stalls you out? (i.e. What if my websites go down, too many refunds, FTC, IRS)
  3. Why did you get started in the first place? (what excited you back then that maybe you lost track of)
  4. What gets you excited to grow your business and do what really needs to be done? (must be a different, better, more detailed and more emotional answer to the previous question)
  5. Based on all this, what do you REALLY want to become a reality in the next 6 months? (a thing or activity, not money)

Simple Solutions to Become Motivated & Productive Anytime You Want

  1. Willpower (iffy and unreliable but happens on occasion)
  2. Take the first step today towards that goal (i.e. make that one quick phone call to get the ball rolling)
  3. Lift app: take multivitamin, go to gym, read 30 minutes (just don't load it up with more than 3 things)
  4. Morning routine: walk or run to "change the channel" in your mind
  5. Mentor where you'll behave yourself (unmuted in a group), and you're looking for a SIMPLE SOLUTION to an EASILY EXPLAINABLE PROBLEM
  6. Countdown timer or record your computer screen of you performing the task you want

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