064: Short and To the Point Landing Pages: Where’s the Dang Buy Button? A Confused Mind Never Buys, So Sell What You Sell!

Internet marketer of the week: Ray Edwards. Creator of the Rapid Writing Method. He absorbs what Brendon Burchard, Michael Hyatt, Dave Ramsey all do very well -- branding and unification.

A huge breakthrough I got out of his "Writing Riches" book was that just taught straightforward copywriting. Not a lot of silly stories or parables mixed in like others teach you "should" have in a book. What a concept!


Common Cop Outs (That We Just Solved in Today's Show)


  1. My niche is people with money! Who wouldn't want it?
  2. My niche is young people because they're smart, or old people because they have all the money
  3. Split test it!
  4. I'm going to provide value and give everything away for free
  5. I'm still learning
  6. I have an idea but it's already been done before
  7. I have an idea but I'm waiting on someone else to do the work
  8. I'm "waiting" for the right time

A Confused Mind Never Buys!


  1. Delayed buy button and I can't buy, or I can't buy on an iPad
  2. I optin and I can't buy right away, I have to wait for your sequence
  3. I have to buy 3 upsells just to get the thing I actually wanted (Lance says: sell what you sell)
  4. Blogging or posting without purpose (Add Signature plugin and URL dropping)
  5. Too many choices: 2 or 3 at the most. More choices = "experimental" pages (yearly and trial)
  6. Optin page: headline, 3 bullet points, call to action, optin form (no video, no testimonials)
  7. Sales letter: have you noticed they're way shorter? very few words, even. Software is all about the screenshots and features.

Short & To the Point Landing Pages: Keep it Shippable

  1. Make the buy button first, before anything else
  2. Then headline and subheadline
  3. Then the offer stack (what's in it)
  4. Then flesh out the bullet points (dream product), story and transitions
  5. Then create the product after all that!
  6. (PLR placeholder is optional)

Quick Questions Answered in Today's Program

  1. To replay or not to replay?
  2. Non fast forward video?
  3. Squeeze page? What's the exact structure?
  4. What niche? Healthy, wealthy, or wise
  5. What product? Solve an actual problem that's easy for you, tough for others, that people are willing to pay money for, that's repeatable in checklist form, but there's still enough wiggle room for people to be creative. It gets them there and delivers a FAST result
  6. Testimonials? Don't let that hold you back from launching. No review copies, but have an email sequence asking how they like it. When people use it and respond, piece together a testi from their response.
  7. Upsell? This is another "goodie" you don't need right away. It shouldn't "just" be something "bigger" or something lazy like resale rights. It should be "the bigger picture."

Five Dimensions of Knowledge from Jonathan Wells of AdvancedLifeSkills.com

  • What we actually know
  • What we think we know
  • What we would like to know
  • What we don't need to know
  • What we used to know
  • Let's add two more (the hardest ones to sell to you have to "sneak them" inside other ones: what we don't know we don't know, and what we need to know

Internet Marketing

  1. World's largest taxi service owns no taxis (Uber)
  2. Largest accommodation provider owns no real estate (Airbnb)
  3. Largest retailer has no inventory (Alibaba)
  4. Most popular media company creates no content (Facebook)
  5. Largest movie house owns no theaters (Netflix)
  6. Largest software vendors don't write the apps (Apple & Google)

Today's Quotes from Henry Ford

  • You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do.
  • Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
  • Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Attributes That Should Be Running in Your Head all the Time, Consistently

  1. New Things Coming Down The Pipeline: There is no such thing as luck. (Scientific studies have disproved luck.) You just have to keep putting offers out there and promoting them.
  2. Follow-Through: Finish what you start (focus, minimum viable product, iteration, debugging, refactoring)
  3. Self-Actualization: Know the difference between a lost cause, an offer that's "close" but needs tweaking, and a "home-run" that you should keep rolling.
  4. Creativity: New ways of solving the problem bigger and faster while working under limitations (and making old tired concerts new and exciting to prospects)

Easy & Repeatable Solutions to Your Current Problems

  • Make a Product: Publish your book on Amazon
  • Webinar Crusher: Run pitch webinars to make high ticket sales
  • Backup Creator: Backup & clone your WordPress sites
  • Website Remote: Manage all your WordPress sites in one place
  • Paper Template: Create landing pages (opt-in pages & sales letters) in WordPress
  • Income Machine: Create your entire system (including membership site) using Backup Creator, Paper Template, Member Genius

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