069: The Big Gaping Hole in Your Evil Internet Marketing Business: Do You Practice What You Preach, Is It Okay to Be a Recommender and Do You Need to Fake It Till You Make It?

What ways is your marketing talking you OUT of a sale? Some ways are ok: being true to your personality, because you're polarizing -- repelling some and attracting others. You don't have to apologze, and I'll explain why!

But if you repel the "serious buyers" and only attract the "tire-kickers" -- that hurts you long term. What's your goal?

Our marketer of the Week is Robert Cialdini, author of "Influence":


I've used his "six keys to influence" in my speaking, webinars, sales letters and more. The are: reciprocity, scarcity, liking, authority, social proof, and commitment/consistency. Are you missing one or two of them, or are you skewed way over towards one of these six factors?

Scenarios We're Talking About Today... Are You Guilty of Any Of These

  1. I'm viewing a sales letter for a live chat plugin, but there's no live chat on the page.
    I'm about to buy a course on copywriting taught by some of the super-old "legends" until the sales letter tells me: by the end of module two, you'll have an idea of how to start your sales letter soon. What?!
  2. I sold a WP sales letter that wasn't actually on WordPress. Better fix it.
  3. Selling an "alternate" webinar service but you're pitching it on GoToWebinar.
  4. Selling an "alternate" landing page plugin but you're selling it on LeadPages.
  5. Blog post saying not to use "admin" as your WordPress login because it's easy to see if it's a valid account. I go to their WP login page, admin is a valid user on that blog.
  6. Selling a podcast course, no podcast. Or just one short episode of a podcast. That tells me you're not a master.

Checklist to "Check For Holes" to Your Own Business

  1. Background: What does someone find when they do their quick "research" on you, or Google search? Selling a book writing course, better have a book in print. Article course, better have some articles. Something impressive.
  2. Testimonials: better check the URLs under each testimonials in your sales letter (don't hyperlink them though) to see if the websites are still there. If not, remove the URL and ask your list for some fresh testimonials.
  3. Bottlenecks: is there an area of your sales letter that "scares" people? Long video, mentioning of too much work (3 weeks)
  4. Negative Social Proof: 100 copies total, only 96 remaining? No one wants it!
  5. Beware of Victim Copywriting: I suffered for 20 years making this so you don't have to. Great, so you'll only get buyers who "delight" in your pain. This is 500 pages, 50 hours, no one cares! Now you're talking me out of a sale.
  6. Gray Areas: fake scarcity, countdown timer, launching/closing/reopening. Unpredictability and urgency to a point. It's a booster, but don't let it become a crutch.

Internet Marketing Lessons

  1. Don't overthink it, but put your best foot forward.
  2. You don't have to be a master with 20-50 years experience, but don't leave yourself vulnerable to research.
  3. Be very careful with "distractions" like live action video, demos, lots of features and case studies to understand it -- less is more!
  4. Because I Can: you're free to say whatever you want, the only consequence is they "vote with their wallets" -- don't condone customer bullying.

Life Lessons from Robert Plank

  • Any action is better than no action.
  • It's easier to edit crap than air.
  • Time sorts out impostors from those who are truthful. Meaning, people aren't going to pay for ads or pay to keep a site going forever if it's not making money.

What to Do Now

  1. Check out Speed Copy to get the best copywriting training out there and close the bottlenecks on your websites
  2. Download and install Paper Template to get your sales letter the best it can be (with a copywriter built into the software)
  3. Setup Your Income Machine (SEO blog, autoresponder sequence, traffic, etc.) to setup a passive income business

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