077: How and Why I Create My Podcast, and How You Too Can Get Your Own Online Radio Show Listed on iTunes

  • Question of the Week: what's your hook?
  • Catchphrase of the week: Teach long division, sell the calculator
  • Quote of the Week: "Don't make the mistake of doing nothing, just because you can't do everything." -- Unknown
  • Marketer of the Week: Jordan Hall (do you have an all-in-one solution?)

Let me share my podcasting formula with you: 5-10 minutes of a problem, 5-10 minutes of a solution, and 5-10 minutes of a case study implementing that solution to the previously stated problem...

Segment 1: Problem

  • Content marketing traffic (also transcript and book)
  • Fleshing out ideas
  • Stay in the mind of the prospect

Segment 2: Solution

  • Soft sell (URL dropping)
  • Content muscle
  • Presentation muscle

Segment 3: Case Study

  • Equipment: Logitech ClearChat, GoldWave, tagging, LibSyn, PowerPress
  • The (your name) Show: 5 minute episode, then artwork/music, then longer form content, interviews, more free-form
  • iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, podcast directories, seed traffic from list

This episode's sponsor: Podcast Crusher.
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