078: Plug and Play Passive Income Business Models to Build Up That Nest Egg

Catchphrase of the Week: See a movie or go to the park.
Quote of the Week: "The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten." - Unknown
Marketer of the Week: Gary Ambrose (show someone how to "make a million dollars in five minutes" -- his membership hosting platform includes pre-made membership content, sales letters, emails, just click and it's in)

Seven Passive Income Business Models

1. Fiverr services (Profit Dashboard)
2. Tiny little $7 reports: it's all about the upsell (Income Machine)
3. Low-ticket webinar: fake out and drop the price down to $7. Anything to get them buying. (Webinar Crusher)
4. Platinum coaching program: seminar, application, recurring GoToWebinar. (Membership Cube)
5. Yearly software: license table, updates, developer license, lifetime access. (This is how we sell and market Backup Creator).
6. Webinar membership sites: 4 or 8 week class, fixed term site, deactivatable software, checklist, pain of disconnect like a directory. (You can use the WP Notepad and WP Kunaki plugins for this, included for free in Membership Cube.)
7. $2400/mo Websites for Offline Businesses (we don't have a training for this but we use Backup Creator to re-use our template.)
8. Kindle books: (Make a Product is our Amazon publishing course.)

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