090: The Path to Internet Freedom: Start with That Day Job and Transition From Freelancing to Products and Membership Sites

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"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks." -- Winston Churchill

The Steps

  • Phase 1: day job (get some income rolling in, overlap skills with your internet business if possible, find the win-win scenario)
  • Phase 2: freelancing (small jobs, don't become a monthly employee, get good at just one hour per day, avoid scope creep)
  • Phase 3: information products (solutions to real problems, find the sweet spot between power, simplicity, and speed)
  • Phase 4: membership sites & passive income (use the untapped potential of your list, 2 week mini-launch & pitch webinar, keep piling in a batch of members)

List, Traffic, and Offers

  • list: prospects and buyers (email autoresponder, opt-in page, follow-up sequence)
  • traffic: bigger community than yours, joint ventures, SEO (blog posts, guest posts, YouTube videos, podcasts), PPC (retargeting, AdWords, Facebook, Bing)
  • offers: affiliate products, resale rights, $7 solutions, $197-$497 four-part membership course, $2000/month coaching program
  • time management: four daily tasks, wake up one hour earlier, leave the computer when you're done

Fiverr Income (ProfitDashboard.com)

  • goal: one hour, 1 dollar per minute, 10 repeat clients
  • ranking: deliver fast (easy if you enjoy what you're doing), leave feedback, tweak gig description, get ratings
  • process: wake up to orders (knock out audios, videos, written material, software reports), tweak those numbers to grow and avoid a slump, upsell and scale (i.e. charge higher rates for the same time/effort)

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