091: How to Choose a Niche for Your Internet Marketing Business and Decode the Science to Making Money Online

"Fail in private, succeed in public." -- David Ogilvy

Stage 1: Quick Research

  • Find the intersection of: what people want, what people need, what you're good at, and what's fun for you -- forum search, Amazon table of contents, ask your list if you have one
  • Build a better mousetrap than your competitors, find their holes, absorb the changes, combine things from two competitors, give away one piece that your competitors normally charge for
  • Important: teach something you've already known for several years, that way you're saying "something" (as opposed to bizopp stuff), and you don't have to do any new learning

Stage 2: Find Competitors Making Money

  • Are there high ticket items, seminars, and membership sites about this?
  • Paid ads?
  • Do the high profile guys keep promoting it and keep their websites around for a long time?

Stage 3: Is There a Future In It?

  • Why is weight loss a good idea but back pain isn't? Weight loss is an ongoing problem you can continuously help them with, back pain isn't.
  • Huge offer: what can you sell for $100 that's worth $1000 to $10,000?
  • What can you checklist and systematize to "dumb it down" and make it super easy


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