1012: The Future of Education: School Apps Today and the Tech-Driven Approach to Learning with James Finlen

Friday, January 12, 2024

The education system doesn't always meet the different needs of students, which can make them feel bad about themselves and not interested in learning. The system focuses on sitting for a long time and there are concerns about how technology affects real connections between people. It’s time to change the way we educate and use technology and mentoring to make it more personalized.

James Finlen is the Founder and CEO of School Apps Today, a company that aims to bring about a positive change in education by offering practical insights and strategies that address the evolving needs of students, with a focus on holistic development and preparing them for success in various aspects of life. Today, James shares insights into his 20-year journey as a high school teacher and basketball coach, along with the mission of ‘School Apps Today’. Stay Tuned!


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