217: Facebook Ads: The Secrets to Image Ads, Retargeting, Video Engagement, and Live Streaming with Emily Hirsh


Emily Hirsh (click to book a free consultation) is a master when it comes to cutting edge Facebook ad techniques. Here's what's working very well for her lately:

1. provide free training on Facebook: post a stock photo with no text on the graphic
2. retarget people on your Facebook page
3. run ads audience engagements on ads or posts (your warm audience)

Emily has also had great success with Facebook live streaming for 15-20 minutes, usually 10 minutes of teaching and 5-10 minutes of a pitch or Q&A. She recommends that you be consistent with your live streaming and stream at the same time of day for five days in a row. Encourage people to share the stream while live, post an announcement about the live stream one hour prior, post to your personal page and even run ads to a lookalike audience based on people who watched your videos.

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