219: Turn Your Hobby into a Business and Achieve Massive Blogging Success with Katie Hornor


Katie Hornor coaches hobby bloggers to turn their website into a real business. She focuses on your traffic, people, plan, schedule, and hiring.

Hire based on your own weaknesses. For example, hire people to create pinnacle images, Facebook ads, or technical website actions, and give them a 2 to 3 month trial period to test them out.

When improving a blog, Katie looks at the following areas:

  1. Is the website clean and inviting?
  2. Is there an offer, a freebie that people can get in exchange for subscribing? Is it an offer that your audience wants, based on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat research?
  3. Is Google Analytics installed and what demographic reads the blog? Based on this, when are people online so we know what time to post?
  4. Are there any low-hanging product ideas or affiliate programs for this blog?
  5. Does this website get in front of one audience per week? (Blog, Facebook, email.)


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