222: The Book Doctor Is In: Self-Publish a Book, Build Your Platform, and Get Noticed with Stacey Aaronson


Stacy Aaronson from TheBookDoctorIsIn.com and TheSelfPublishingScoop.com says that many authors make huge mistakes when they independently publish their books. Her approach is very step-by-step and detail oriented:

  1. Consult, proposal, contracts
  2. Editing process, developmental, structure, cohesive chapters, the right points are in the right chapters
  3. Copy-editing: bio, picture, grammar, remove cliches, correct syntax
  4. Illustration and graphics
  5. Presentation: interior, cover, interior/cover congruency, what's right for the audience, fine tune
  6. Upload files to CreateSpace and Ingram
  7. Proof the proof and send to proofreader (edit all the edits together from multiple people
  8. Re-upload, get printed proofs, catch the small things

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