230: You Have No Competition: Get Paid to Create an Information Product and Turn Your Knowledge into a New Stream of Passive Income with Fred Gleeck

Fred Gleeck (email address: fredgleeck@gmail.com) is a business coach. If you have a skill or passion, Fred can Joint Venture partner with you and package those insights into an information product for passive income.


Listen in as he describes a few case studies about his clients (voiceover expert Bill DeWees, or Fred's latest opera singer client) where he made use of that "unsold inventory" of information that many business owners seem to have. You'll also hear about how Fred establishes boundaries with his JV partners, deals with competition (competence plus personality), and systematizes everything so that he can deliver consistent quality.

Fred's Contact Information

  • Email address: fredgleeck@gmail.com
  • Subject line: "ROBERT PLANK SENT ME"
  • Message body: tell Fred what your "field" is, as well as any info-products you have or would like to create

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