246: Authority Content: Document Your Magic, Delegate Your Business, and Get Off the Hamster Wheel with David Jenyns

David Jenyns from AuthorityContent.com heard of a marketer who sold pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge and modeled this success to sell the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


He's discovered that you can model (not copy) an idea to make it your own and then own that success or failure. Drill down to a speciality, find a specific need, and sell it to the immediate crowd in front of you.

David has a number of insights about direct mail, online marketing and SEO, getting attention, systems/processes, and delegation. He talks with us today about recurring revenue and the 3 P's of content marketing:

  • Present: organize a (one-take) live event to teach your best content to a real crowd (take photos)
  • Product: repurpose that content in a 4-day cash machine
  • Promote: repurpose into hundreds of pieces of audio and video


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