263: End Destination Thinking, Enjoy the Process, and Complete Daily Goals with Motivational Speaker Todd Lemense

Todd Lemense (Twitter.com/todd_lemense) becomes the first ever return guest on our program! A motivational speaker, he says that most people fall into the trap of "destination thinking" ... the idea that a single event, such as a product launch, wedding, or birth of a baby will be the "single moment that changes everything" when in reality, it's all about those consistent daily actions.

Instead of being disappointed when "that one event" didn't change much, learn to enjoy the process. Manage your fear, hope, and expectations with daily goals. Don't cop-out by thinking "I don't have that problem." Educate yourself about your own emotional maturity, and spiritual/health/financial status to reach that higher standard. Everyone, including celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Tom Brady, have multiple coaches just to become 1% better (or maintain the same skill level), so you need a similar resource as well.

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