282: Get Attention, Traffic, Leads and Sales from Podcasting

Are you familiar with Mr. Jackass? I think you are...

Haven't you ever scrolled past a Facebook video, or maybe a YouTube video, or even listened to a podcast, and thought to yourself...

"THAT jackass (Mr. Jackass) is getting all kinds of popularity and I could do way better than that"

Then this is the most important course you'll ever join today -- price increases at 11:59pm Eastern time TONIGHT:

Join Podcast Crusher: $127 Now, Soon to Be $147

(Seriously, the price increases in just a few hours from $127 to $147, so you are about to lose 20 bucks just because you waited when we both know you should have jumped on this.)

And here's why it's important that you create a podcast (iTunes radio show) even if that means a couple short (5 minute) audio only episodes this year:

First, the Popularity of "Mr. Jackass" Is On the Rise

And you're probably wondering... what can I do to get that sort of attention on my marketing and my websites, if not more?

What can I do to avoid being passed over, lost in the crowd?

Second, You May Have Been Told to "Get Out More"

They tell you to network more, or maybe even land yourself some affiliates or joint venture partners...

This is just my opinion, but in the last few years, offline marketing events have been either too small (just a handful of people so you don't get to meet the people you need to meet) or THOUSANDS of people, and it's such a huge event that you and "that next partner (or client) of yours" never get a chance to meet just because there are so many dang people in attendance!

Also, many of those social groups (cliques) have already been established, so those people who would be a perfect match for your business might not give you the time of day. Heck, even if you find that special someone (business-wise)... what the heck do you say to them? "Here's my URL, mail to my stuff?"

Here's what's always worked for me: I tell the person, "When you get home, email me and we'll record a 20-minute podcast episode talking about you and what you do." (They usually have a business card to give me, so I can follow up if they forget.)

You don't even have to attend offline events if you don't want to. Email marketers you know, and even people who are guests on other podcasts. Good luck sending a "cold email" to get someone to buy from you. But a cold email to land a podcast guest to help THEM promote their business? Easy...

This is what's great about this strategy: if they flake and the interview (over Skype) never happens, that "candidate" just weeded themselves out. If the interview goes great, you have an "in" with them and they now owe you a favor, because you promoted them first. And, if you decide that person was a dud or you're just too busy to partner with them, you have an "out" (to not do business with them) because you already did your part to get your word out about them...

Just imagine, just for fun, if you had landed a young Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, Jeff Bezos or Grant Cardone on your show for a quick 20 minute chat? Before they were famous and while they were still on their way up?

Doesn't it make sense to interview someone now (in 2017) who grows up to be the Ryan Deiss of 2019 or the Armand Morin of 2021?

Here's the best part: are you nervous and awkward on the phone? Great! Me too. With podcasting, YOU are interviewing THEM so THEY are doing all the talking. That guest is 10 times, if not 100 times more nervous than you because THEY are trying to impress YOU (and your listeners with their thoughts, ideas, insights, takeaways, and websites).

We show and tell you what kinds of questions to ask in the Podcast Crusher course, but for the most part, ask about what they do, what makes them different, what valuable lessons would have saved them years of mistakes, and maybe even what mistakes they see happening in the marketplace...

Third, Even If You Don't Want Guests to Create Content For You (For Free)...

I guarantee that you can speak out a podcast episode if you type out three questions your customers might have (no matter what niche) with three sub bullet points for each to guide you along, then talking for 5-10 minutes is easy.

And, once you've recorded that episode, you have a blog post, a podcast episode in the iTunes app, a link from Apple to your site, a new listing in Stitcher Radio and the Google Play store, plus, if someone is SUBSCRIBED to your podcast, that episode will auto-download to their device.

Creating a podcast is free, you can create unlimited podcast shows, publish as little or as often as you want, with short or long episodes, in any niche, talking about any subject, alone or with guests...

BUT! Creating a Podcast is "Hard" If You're "Just Fumbling Around"

There are a few technical steps, and like most technical things, there are about 1,000 different people giving you conflicting advice about how to do it...

And I want to give you the fast, fun, easy, inexpensive way using Podcast Crusher:

Claim Your Access to Podcast Crusher

P.S. But again, click through to that link NOW because the price goes to $147 in just hours from now.

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