360: Don’t Buy a Duck: Plan, Execute, Track, Measure, Adjust and Grow with Strategic Marketer Derek Champagne

Derek Champagne, author of Don't Buy a Duck: Stop Wasting Money and Only Do Marketing That Works, stops by to tell us that we need to connect with people and market our online businesses. You need to strategically snoop on your competition to uncover real solvable problems and discover those gaps in the marketplace. It comes down to five crisis points all business owners face:

  1. identify self: audit, business, find value proposition (that competitors can't duplicate)
  2. find target customer: gender, income, age, hobbies, geography, politics
  3. messaging: based on your customers, what message is most important to them?
  4. plan: lifecycle, step-by-step actyion
  5. execution: If you tried it once and it didn't work, why didn't it work? Perhaps it was because you only tried it one time?

Listen in as Derek also explains goal setting, productivity, and follow-through using PETMAG: Plan, Execute, Track, Measure, Adjust, and Grow.


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