410: The Secrets to Money, Power, and Love Prosperity with Lucas Lehman

Lucas Roy Lehman speaks and leads seminars on personal power and intimacy all over the US, Sweden and Canada. He is a certified neurotransformational coach, a certified sacred sexuality educator.

Over the past ten years, Lucas has worked with hundreds of men and women to overcome the obstacles to their financial success and emotional fulfillment, helping them transform old patterns and limiting beliefs, and courageously create the lives of their dreams.

Lucas talks to us about his forthcoming book, Mastering the 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power for an Extraordinary Life:

  • presenence (what is)
  • purpose
  • passion
  • prosperity
  • proactivity
  • playfulness
  • plasticity

If you're ready to shift from "fear & survival" into "desire & fullness" then listen in.


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